Outdoor Reads: Which shoes do you wear to hike 4,600 miles? Is Coca-Cola a champion for outdoors?

Find out what shoes one man is wearing to hike 4,600, and how often he replaces them; and what Coca-Cola is doing to help the outdoors.

What did the SNEWS team read this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out!

  • Last week we brought you the sad news of the climber massacre at Nanga Parbat in Pakistan. This week, Climbing Magazine updates its readers with first-person accounts from the survivors. This story has links to other pieces written of the events, and is both chilling and scary.
  • Who’s the lucky retailer that outfitted the Minnesota man attempting to hike from North Dakota to New England? This story updates the public on Luke Jordan’s progress — he’s already hiked about 4,600 miles — and his gear. He attempts at least 25 miles a day, and has to have shoes sent to him on the trail. Check out this story and find out what manufacturer’s shoes he’s wearing.
  • Nothing can ruin a camping trip faster than a bear. That is, unless the sighting leads to the making of a little hero. Check out this Fox affiliate story about an 11-year-old boy who protected his sister from a bear attack while the family was camping. A bear was chasing Baden Kelly and his 7-year-old sister Mariah when he threw a rock and diverted the bear’s attention so they could run back to camp. Young Baden said the incident didn’t scare him away from camping. “I love the outdoors,” he said, adding the experience is “something that can make you stronger.”
  • This is good news for everyone who frequents Yosemite for outdoor adventures: The Draft Yosemite Plan, supported by the Outdoor Alliance, provides a vision for protecting and restoring areas of the national park that have become more developed over the years. The plan is said to protect the river all while preserving recreation opportunities (even though it would relocate rental facilities farther from the water). Check out this story for more information.
  • With the big Outsiders Ball celebration (you know, the party for a purpose) coming up at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, there’s a buzz around getting youngsters interested in the outdoors. A program in Jackson, Wyo. called Wilderness Ventures offers full and partial scholarships to outdoor summer camps. Check out this press release for information on how to spread the word to customers whose kids who might be eligible for assistance.
  • Some Coca-Cola products have a lot of sugar, but the company tries to make up for it by giving money to active ventures, as with this contest to determine “America’s Favorite Park.” Retailers, get your customers to vote for their favorite park, which could win $100,000 if it gains the top spot, $50,000 for second and $25,000 for third. Plus, a fourth “wildcard” park will be chosen among the remaining destinations to win a $15,000 grant. The public has until July 15 to vote.
  • A few of us on the SNEWS team have been dying to try yoga on a stand-up paddleboard. Mostly because we love to try hot trends — which SUP yoga is, according to this Kalamazoo Gazette story. The story features helpful tips from a first-timer, from not taking yourself too seriously to remembering your swimsuit. First we must do two things: Work up the bravery to attend our first yoga class; and second to try stand-up paddle boarding. Maybe we’ll knock both of those off our list at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.
  • Industry folks: Something big is going on, according to this National Geographic blog post by Avery Stonich. Outdoor industry representatives are actively trying to get the politicians in Washington to realize that it’s time to prioritize the management of outdoor recreation resources. Check out what Stonich has to say, and why getting our voice heard might be easier now that outdoor advocates like Sally Jewell are in office.
  • Adventures NYC attracted a big crowd in its ninth year. The event, co-sponsored by our sister publication Backpacker Magazine and NYC Parks, attracted more than 25,000 participants of all ages to experience outdoor adventures like kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, rock climbing and fly fishing. The event seeks to get more urban folks involved in the great outdoors. Looks like it’s doing its job, judging from this article.
  • The homegirls at Darby Communications were pretty stoked about this article touting their hometown of Brevard, N.C. as one of the best towns for raising adventurous kids. This little town has everything from rock climbing to kayaking and canoeing to light hiking. Easy access to these activities might get the little ones hooked for life.

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