Outdoor Reads: 'You did what with your wiener?' What gets kids interested in the outdoors?

Read a blog about cool outdoor things to do with your dogs – even if they’re not wiener dogs. Also check out the best sports to get kinds interested i

  • It takes a lot to make us laugh, so when we came across a blog called “You Did What With Your Wiener,” we couldn’t help but giggle. In all seriousness this is a pretty cool blog about the adventures of two outdoorsy daschunds and their owner. For those of you dog lovers near Bend, Ore., check out this post about two dog-friendly local hikes.
  • We’re always talking about getting kids involved in outdoor activities, but nobody wants to force them to do activities above their level. This Kid Project story talks about some of the top activities to get the young’uns interested in the outdoors. They include bouldering and mountain biking.
  • We all know a great way to get fit is to take it outside every now and then. The best way to get interested in the outdoors is to buy a nice pair of hiking boots and head for the hills. If your customers have an endless list of excuses as to why that might not be the activity for them, you can show them this story, which dispels common excuses one by one.
  • Even those of us who are not particularly into mountain biking can appreciate the move the cyclist in this video performs. It’s a three-man race where the lead athlete falls off his bike, gets passed by the other two and overtakes them in a very cool way at the end. Check out the video to find out how.
  • Freeskier and writer Sally Franklyn doesn’t remember much about the day she sustained a traumatic brain injury back in 2012. But her friends, family members and the folks skiing with her that day filled her in. Check out this recap Franklyn wrote for ESPN. Franklyn also discusses the challenges of her recovery and her hope to one day get back on the mountain.
  • The footwear category isn’t doing so great, but if every consumer was like the guy featured in this Boston Globe story, that might be different. Rick Kosow has collected so many pairs of shoes that he recently launched an online sneaker museum. The man said he feels like sneakers should be on a pedestal.
  • There was talk with the now-ended government shutdown that the beloved Marine Corps Marathon would be canceled. But this story updates runners everywhere that that will not be the case. Though the race isn’t until Oct. 27, race organizers had said that if the government wasn’t reopened by Oct. 18, the race would be canceled. Lucky for them — and lots of people, really — Congress finally struck a deal on Wednesday.
  • Utah’s outdoor recreation director has been busy in his first 90 days on the job, according to this story. Brad Peterson has been promoting Utah’s outdoor recreation economy and organizing the Utah Outdoor Summit that will take place summer 2014. The summit is intended to bring together the state’s gear manufacturers and distributors, government entities and consumers to discuss the future of the outdoor industry in the state.

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