SNEWS best fitness reads from around the web

The SNEWS team loves to read. And we’re putting together a list of a few articles and blog posts we’ve found this week that caught our attention. In case you missed them, this week’s selections include a story about a different kind of fitness club and an exercise and nutrition program for people with disabilities. Check them out!

What did the SNEWS team read this week that other fitness insiders might find interesting? Well, read on to find out.

  • We’ve wanted to try fitness clubbing, the craze that recently arrived in Denver, Colo., and after reading this story in the New York Times about how popular it’s become in the Big Apple. We just might throw on our sparkly sweats Saturday night and hit the town! The concept is simple: It’s a nightclub, there’s good music, no alcohol and plenty of calorie-burning fun.
  • Big Brother isn’t keeping tabs on us, at least not as well as we’re keeping tabs on ourselves thanks to networks like Foursquare and Facebook. Recently, the Huffington Post had this story highlighting the cities where people eat the healthiest, thanks to data collected from Foursquare. Of course, SNEWS’ home base of Boulder, Colo., was on this list because we’re some healthy-eating foxy folks up here. 
  • There’s no reason why fitness shouldn’t be part of everybody’s life. That’s what one YMCA in Central Virginia is showing with its new “Shapedown” program designed for people with disabilities. From Zumba to functional fitness training to nutrition classes, there is a little something for everybody in this program according to this story from Roanoke, Va.’s NBC affiliate
  • There isn’t much more exciting than the thrill of a challenge. That’s why Cape Coral, Fla.’s Chamber of Commerce recently launched a fitness and health challenge that about 75 people have already signed up for according to this story in the News-Press. Contestants will go through fitness and health tests at the local hospital and get a membership to the local wellness center to do their workouts. The contest begins March 14 and lasts until June 21. Though the prize is a trophy, the contestants will get much more than that once they get fit, and specialty fitness retailers in the area might get a few new customers.
  • Getting kids active these days is somewhat of a challenge, but Boston-based Partners HealthCare and its Center for Connected Health plans to expand Partners Step It Up, its connected fitness program, to six Boston public schools this year. According to this story on, students wear monitors to track their activity to see who wins the virtual race from Boston to Orlando, Fla.
  • Someone please, please, PLEASE plan a trade show next to one of these hotels! We know we get to try out all the cool stuff on the trade show floor, but it sure would be nice to have an elliptical or treadmill in our own hotel rooms. According to this Los Angeles Times article, the InterContinental Hotels Group will offer a new chain of hotels with exercise equipment in individual rooms, a coat rack that doubles as a pull-up bar and a variety of exercise classes for guests.
  • While the New Year’s resolution crowd has begun to wane, the tax-refund crowd is starting to trickle in to specialty fitness retail stores. And if one of those new customers wants a treadmill, they’ll probably want some tips for new runners. Check out this slide show in Fitness Magazine that includes some awesome tips for you to share with your treadmill-seeking customers.
  • There are just certain issues people feel the government has no business in. According to this Men’s Health article, fighting obesity is one of them. While many doctors feel the government should continue to intervene, while others say it’s a personal responsibility. Read the story for details on what both sides have to say and tell us your thoughts in the SNEWS Community.
  • Apparently those of us who work to help people play (whether it be exercising or recreating outdoors) have one of the best jobs in 2012 according to U.S. News. Fitness instructors, camp counselors and lifeguards were underneath the banner of “Fitness and Recreation Workers,” a field expected to see significant growth over the next decade.
  • Something truly is better than nothing. While a simple 20 minutes of exercise isn’t going to turn you into Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper, it will alter your DNA, according to this story on CBS News, which will help boost your metabolism. 

Have you read anything interesting you’d like to share with us? Maybe we’ll include it next week’s column with a little shout out to whoever sent it to us. Send a link to the story with the subject line “SNEWS Reads” to be considered.

–Compiled by Ana Trujillo