SNEWS best fitness reads from around the web

Read about Sarah Palin’s new book and about how timing in diet is everything.

What did the SNEWS team read this week that other fitness insiders might find interesting? Well, read on to find out.

  • It doesn’t really matter your politics because Sarah Palin doesn’t want your votes anymore, she simply wants you to buy the fitness book she’s working on. According to this Daily Caller article an even thinner Palin is working on a fitness and health book with her family that includes running tips and comfort food recipes.
  • We like to get rewarded and sometimes the long-term benefits of exercise aren’t enough to do it for us. It’s a good thing Precor is teaming up with EveryMove to offer folks who work out on their equipment with its Preva networked technology to be eligible for rewards the more they work out.
  • One might think saying “exercise addition” is kind of like saying “clean coal.” According to the article 12-18 percent of Americans suffer from at least one addiction and exercise addiction is among them. Take a look at this story of a woman who’s been battling the disease, leaving after family dinners to go for a run and missing out on family time, or skipping work because she missed a morning workout. The article talks about a study that shows exercise produces a high that people get addicted to. Super interesting read.
  • We know a thing or two about weight loss success stories, so naturally we love to read about others who have had weight-loss success, like this personal trainer, Steve Worsley, who is half the size he used to be. Worsley lost 16 stone, or 224 pounds, and it all started one night when he was ashamed of how he’d taught his children to eat bad food. He sold his bike and bought a car and soon began doing other types of exercises. An inspirational story for sure.
  • Those like Worsley probably wonder how to keep the weight off, and this “Biggest Loser” study reassures them that it’s a modest diet and continuing a moderate daily exercise regimen. Simple as that. Share that nugget of wisdom with your customers. 
  • Though moderate exercise and diet is the key to maintaining weight loss, there’s an art to that diet. Turns out, according to this Seattle Post-Intelligencer story, there’s an art to that diet. We once heard an old country song that told us, “Timing is everything,” and that which is true in love is also true in diets. Read the story to find out more on how to coordinate your diet and workouts for maximum results.
  • We’re not quite sure how we feel about this one. This New York Daily News story reports the results of a study that claims it’s possible to burn up to 200 calories in just 2.5 minutes using high-intensity interval training. We don’t know about this fast-food nation notion. Though HIIT is legitimate, we think it might take more than 2.5 minutes to burn 200 calories.
  • This Idaho Statesman story said there are comical fad fitness products like the Shake Weight, then there are those simple, effective things like fitness ropes. Judging from the last two fitness trade shows we went to, fitness ropes are all the rage these days and they’re intuitive and effective.

Have you read anything interesting you’d like to share with us? Maybe we’ll include it next week’s column with a little shout out to you. Send a link to the story with the subject line “SNEWS Reads” to be considered.

–Compiled by Ana Trujillo