SNEWS® Fitness Retailer Survey now awaiting your responses

It's time for the sixth-annual SNEWS® Fitness Retailer Survey! We hope -- as we know your suppliers hope -- you'll take part to make this year's results even more compelling, eye-opening and informative than last year's.

It’s time for the sixth-annual SNEWS® Fitness Retailer Survey! We hope — as we know your suppliers hope — you’ll take part to make this year’s results even more compelling, eye-opening and informative than last year’s.

Your opinion as a retailer is valuable and it’s easy to participate. You can take the survey quickly and easily online, sending us the results electronically AND you’ll also qualify for a thank-you gift. Just go to: Results are due by April 25 so we can tabulate them in time to include in the July 2008 GearTrends® Fitness magazine. (If you don’t have easy access to the Internet, call our main office, 530-268-8295, and we’ll help you.)

As a thank-you for helping us and the industry by sharing your insights, we are happy to offer one individual, one-year SNEWS® All Access subscription for $75 off. The discount is good for you to activate a new subscription for yourself, a manager, employee or friend of the industry, or also to renew your own. (This is different from a SNEWS® Freebie subscription some of you may have. With a SNEWS® All Access you get all the archives, special features, full survey results, PR posting, printing capability and other cool stuff. A Freebie only gets you the current week’s headline news.)

A few things to know:

  • If you have more than one store, please have one buyer or manager take responsibility for answering for your entire group.
  • Each question needs a response (so we can better track annual changes and so you can get your subscription discount).
  • Most of the questions need only a couple of words or names filled in or something checked. The system won’t let you go to the next page unless you’ve put some mark in all the boxes.
  • For the last three questions, please take the time to share your wisdom by writing in your thoughts and comments.
  • Individual responses will ALWAYS be confidential; we will NEVER share which stores took part or what each said — even with the offer of million-dollar bribes. 

Remember, we need completed survey responses by April 25. Once we receive your survey, we will email you instructions on how to activate your discount subscription, so be sure to include a valid email. If you have any general questions, please call the SNEWS® office, 530-268-8295, or email And if you missed the 2007 survey results in last year’s GearTrends®, check it out at

Note:Also this month, we at SNEWS® will be doing some general research on SNEWS® and GearTrends® to find out more detail about what all of you want or like, don’t want or don’t like, or would like to see done differently. So April means two surveys: This annual Fitness Retailer one, and the general one, which is open to everybody, subscribers or not, or retailers or not. That’s why we are offering a substantial discount as a thank-you for this Retailer Survey, and there will be other rewards for participating in the general research. Please drop us a note at if you have not seen or received the link to the general research. And feel free to forward either survey to friends and colleagues.