SNEWS® Live: Adventure photographer Corey Rich and his new book, "My Favorite Place"

Photographer Corey Rich uses his skills as an outdoor athlete to follow the world’s leading adventurers to the playgrounds they love best. He shares his story with SNEWS® Live in an interview on his new book, “My Favorite Place.”

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SNEWS® Live — Adventure photographer Corey Rich is the quintessential participant observer. He takes pictures of skiers, climbers, base-jumpers and other extreme athletes at play in exotic settings around the world. An adventurer in his own right, Rich uses his skills as a photographer to deliver images of exquisite beauty that both captivate and inspire.

In his latest book, “My Favorite Place,” Rich and writer Jason Paur tell the stories of 14 leading adventurers from across the country. Through photographs and detailed descriptions, Rich and Paur depict the most exciting elements of these people and the places they love best. Rich sat down with SNEWS® Live and shared his own story of how he became involved in this exciting project.