SNEWS® Live: Climbing's 'first couple of rock' find bliss in mountains and marriage

Beth Rodden and Tommy Caldwell chat with SNEWS® Live about their passion for climbing and how it keeps them together.

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SNEWS® Live: Beth Rodden and Tommy Caldwell may be young, but they’ve accomplished in climbing what veteran mountaineers can only imagine. Each under the age of 30, they belie their youthful appearance with careers distinguished by big wall ascents that are nothing short of amazing.

Known affectionately in the climbing community as the “first couple of rock,” Rodden and Caldwell have forged an intimate partnership in both mountaineering and marriage. As leaders of the latest generation of athletes to challenge the limits of human endeavor, the couple is setting the standard for a life of adventure.

SNEWS® Live caught the couple at home to talk about their lives together, as well as their latest project: two free-climb ascents of Yosemite’s El Capitan in less than 24 hours.