SNEWS® Live: Filmmaker Michael Brown captures the human side of adventure

Filmmaker Michael Brown talks candidly with SNEWS® Live about his career making movies in the most remote regions of the world.

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SNEWS® Live: We’ve all seen photographs and feature films that depict adventure athletes doing amazing things —high-altitude climbs and steep downhill descents that are spectacular to watch. Seldom, though, do we think about who is behind the camera lens.

Michael Brown is an adventure photographer and the president of Serac Adventure Films. For more than decade, he’s brought to life thrilling stories from the most remote corners of the world. Rather than focusing on the risks he endures to get the shot, Brown takes great care to tell the human side of an expedition and the people whose lives he encounters.

SNEWS® Live spoke to Michael Brown by phone at his studios in Boulder, Colo., to bring you his personal story of adventure.