SNEWS® Live: Independent filmmaker Jonathan Miller shares the highs and lows of an Everest expedition

Independent filmmaker Jonathan Miller shares the story behind his popular podcast, “The Rest of Everest" with SNEWS® Live. Picking up the clips from the cutting room floor, Miller has pieced together a weekly program based on his feature film “Everest: The Other Side.”

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SNEWS® LiveIndependent filmmaker Jonathan Miller premiered his feature film “Everest: The Other Side” in 2005. Shown on Dish Network pay-per-view, the film documents the climb of 23-year-old Ben Clark on his first bid for the summit. But the film was only the beginning of Miller’s mission to share the story of life on an expedition to the top of the world. Using the emerging technology of podcasting, Miller tells the rest of the story sparing few details from the exciting to the mundane. Thousands of outdoor enthusiasts from around the world tune in each week to his video podcast, “The Rest of Everest.” Recently, the show appeared on the iTunes homepage as a most-watched program. Miller took a few minutes to share with SNEWS® Live his story behind the story.