SNEWS® Live: Nature writer Bill McKibben launches initiative to reverse climate change

Author and environmental activist Bill McKibben discusses his plan to raise climate change awareness through his new initiative.

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SNEWS® Live: In 1988, author and environmental activist Bill McKibben was among the first to issue a warning and spell out the circumstances for a condition that would arise known now as global warming. His book, “The End of Nature,” chronicled the research that followed the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere linked directly to humans and the resulting temperature increase around the world. Today, this climate change threatens life on our planet, putting at risk every plant and animal species including human beings.

As CO2 levels exceed 350 parts per million, McKibben warns that we have passed the point where we can do nothing and not face dire consequences. Through a program called, he aims to lead an international movement to raise awareness for the plight of global warming and what individuals, institutions and governments can do to stop it.

Immediately following his comments to the biannual breakfast meeting of the Conversation Alliance, held during Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2008, SNEWS® Live spoke with McKibben to get some insight on how outdoor industry companies might work to aid his fight against climate change.