SNEWS® Live: Steger's Global Warming 101 explores ramifications of climate change

Polar explorer Will Steger talks to SNEWS® Live about his Global Warming 101 expedition across Baffin Island to show the impact of climate change on the Inuit people of the Canadian Arctic.

This edition of SNEWS® Live is brought to you by The Conservation Alliance

SNEWS® Live: Polar explorer Will Steger recently returned from a four-month dog sled expedition across Baffin Island. Traversing more than 1,200 miles of the Canadian Arctic, the expedition witnessed firsthand the direct impact of climate change on native Inuit populations. In a society whose culture and livelihood are derived directly from this cold weather environment, the loss of vast ice fields and the expansion of open water could prove devastating.

As part of an awareness-raising campaign called Global Warming 101, Steger and his team aim to demonstrate the real and lasting effects that rising temperatures can have on people as well as the planet. SNEWS® Live reached Steger by phone at the end of his expedition as he prepared to return to his Minnesota home.