SNEWS® Live: We get up close and personal with Gert Boyle on her book, "One Tough Mother"

Columbia chairman Gert Boyle tells her story of triumph over adversity in an interview with SNEWS® Live from the 2006 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

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SNEWS® Live — We continue our Outdoor Retailer interview series with one of the industry’s best recognized senior executives. Gert Boyle is not just the face behind the apparel, footwear and accessories giant Columbia Sportswear, she’s also the company’s mind, heart and soul. When her husband, Neal Boyle, died of a heart attack in 1970, Gert took over as president. With a mountain of debt and a lien against her mother’s house, she said success was her only option. Today, with her son, Tim, the woman affectionately known as Ma Boyle heads a company which last year realized more than $1 billion in sales. At the Columbia booth during Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, SNEWS® Live reporter James Mills sat down with Gert to talk about her company’s past, present and future.