SNEWS Reviews: Perfect Weight Vest

Turn any workout into a turbo workout with the Perfect Weight Vest

People who weigh more burn more calories — especially when they work out. Did you know that?


So what happens when your customers have shed some pounds and are at their goal weight? Or how about when they have only 20 minutes to work out? What if they have no time for a workout thanks to a long list of chores?

The solution to all of these problems? Get a weight vest. When time-crunch issues are present and one needs to burn as many calories as possible, a weight vest is the best way to turn any activity into a workout.

Our female testers have spent several months testing the Perfect 20-Pound Weight Vest (MSRP $70) and have found it great for all these problems.

The bib-style vest, with 20 separate pockets into which one can insert one-pound weight bags, can turn any old workout or chore into a calorie-scorching session.

It comes with 20 individual one-pound sand bag weights, has a slim-fit, honeycomb Terylene shell, reflective material and neoprene double belly band closures.

The three ways our testers used it: on runs, during light cardio workouts (like dancing) and while doing chores.

On runs: The vest is versatile in that you can use 5 or 10 of the one-pound weight packs, evenly distributed. This pumps up any of your runs so you can burn more calories on a 2-mile run wearing the vest than on the same run without the vest.

The double belly band closures allow users to cinch it as tightly as needed to minimize bounce. Our testers marveled at the lack of bounce this product provided.

During light cardio exercise: Sometimes our testers didn’t feel like making it to the gym, and most likely there are times when your customers don’t feel like it either. In this case, our testers would pack the weight vest with all 20 weight packs, strap it on and put on any one of the variety of 10-Minute Solutions workout DVDs.

The favorite DVD to use the vest with was the Latin Dance 10-Minute Solution DVD. Though the Latin Dance workout didn’t seem very challenging without the vest, suddenly areas like the shoulders and quads were being used, breathing was heavy and sweat was pouring.

During chores: There were days when our testers just couldn’t make it out for a workout at all — days when the house was dirty and the laundry had piled up.

We read a story recently that while house chores are taxing, they’re not a particularly great workout.

So our testers decided to make house chores a great workout by doing them wearing the all 20 pounds of this vest.

Your customers could do as our testers did and pepper chores with a few quick bursts of activity — 10 lunges here, 10 lunges there, and suddenly calories were being burnt where they probably wouldn’t have been otherwise.

Commendations: Our testers liked the handy media port in the top right of the product. The media pocket stashed our iPhone and allowed us to listen to music during runs and chores. The reflective Terylene shell made our testers feel safe when running at night.

Complaints: Our female testers said the weights on the chest area seemed to smash their ladies a little bit, making it somewhat uncomfortable at times. Nothing a simple adjustment couldn’t fix, they said.