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Got a hot news tip? Outside Business Journal has an anonymous tip line where you can share the most sensitive, pressing, and groundbreaking news.


infographic with screen and red envelopes indicating sharing, tip line

The outdoor industry is an exceptionally tight-knit community, for better and for worse. On one hand, our closeness gives us the power to enact great change together, but it can also lead to fear of repercussions for speaking out about issues that are uncomfortable and complex, yet highly newsworthy.

As the outdoor industry’s leading trade publication, we feel it’s our duty to examine those difficult topics with fairness and honesty. As such, we’ve opened a new anonymous tip line to allow members of the outdoor communities to submit ideas they might not be comfortable sharing elsewhere. If you have a lead on a groundbreaking piece of news, please share it with our team at the link below. All submissions will be kept strictly confidential.

Note: This is not the place for PR pitches or other marketing outreach. Those materials should be sent via email to Andrew Weaver ( or Kristin Hostetter ( for coverage consideration.