Spri offers POP brochures to help consumers "be wise, be well, be fit"

Spri Products has launched a program to help retailers educate the public on how exercise helps maintain health and prevent disease. The program includes tri-fold brochures with information concerning osteoporosis, weight control, arthritis, active seniors, menopause and Type 2 diabetes.

Stretching beyond a message of fitness for fitness’ sake, Spri Products has launched a program offering six small brochures to its retailers stressing exercise’s role in disease prevention and health as a way to help staff educate the public.

Ready as of November for retailers of the Spri line of accessories, including rubber tubing and hand weights, the program can help retailers start a dialogue with its customer, Craig Lerner, Spri’s director of marketing, told SNEWS®.

“We want an open dialogue and this is a great way to start,” Lerner said. “‘Be wise, be well, be fit’ is a voice that has to be heard.”

The current brochures, simple tri-fold pieces, cover osteoporosis, weight control, arthritis, active seniors, menopause and Type 2 diabetes. Each piece is done in soft colors, such as lavender and light green, with age-, fitness- and gender-appropriate photos. Each piece describes the topic briefly, talks about prevention or maintenance and, of course, the role of suitable exercise in management, including aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility training.

In addition, each shows a picture and tells how to do three exercises appropriate for the topic and its audience. In a continuation of its partnership with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the series has been authorized by ACE, which helped supply content, Lerner said.

“The campaign supports the product line,” Lerner said, “and tells someone who is new to fitness that they are welcome.”

Since their release this month, about 100 to 200 dealers will test the brochures to see how and if they can affect sales.

Also planned is product that will be tied to the POP, as well as additional brochures covering different topics.

SNEWS® View: Since most retail sales staff is younger, these seem as if they could be great tools to help a salesperson address a possible interest, or expand on a topic if the customer brings it up. Of course, those younger sales staff members better be careful in how they hand out the “active seniors” brochures since not everyone who is an alleged senior wants to be called one!