Stromgren 325 Ankle Support


We have unfortunately over the last decade had way too many experiences with ankle sprains, although they are fewer and fewer now, especially with lots of balance board work. Nevertheless, we are a bit of a Boy Scout and like to be prepared.

With that past, we have tried a lot of wraps and supports and still keep some on hand for a slip-up. The Stromgren 325 Ankle Support is the best there is. Forget all those other sleeves and neoprene and boots (unless you have a pretty major owie). They either don’t support at all, don’t let you get on your regular shoes, or totally limit any range of motion needed to ride, run, hike or walk.

The 325 Ankle Support is a bit odd in its support system, which makes it work so well, and takes a little getting used to. At first, wrapping it on your foot is like playing the pat-your-head, rub-your-tummy game. Two straps that attach in the middle in a criss-cross beneath your foot on a short sock-like tube wrap around your ankle – first one around the front, then one around the back, then one again to the front, then one again to the back. It gives the best support that allows running and all kinds of activity. Don’t leave home without it.

There is only one disadvantage – once you get used to the wrapping pattern: The straps are sewn to the sock on the bottom and middle of your foot, meaning that you can sometimes feel the slight lump from the attachment. In most cases, you forget about it after awhile, but if you’re wearing a hard shoe or are not on a dirt trail, it may bug you.

Other than that, it’s a keeper for anyone who has issues with occasional ankle sprains but wants to get up and out again quickly (Don’t tell the doc).

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