LOL: The top 5 April Fool’s Day gags from outdoor companies

LOL: The top 5 April Fool’s Day gags from outdoor companies

We got a kick out of these 5 April Fool’s Day spoofs from Black Diamond, Montane, Ibex, Outdoor Research, and Vortex Optics.

Photo: screenshot
Photo: screenshot

One of the secrets of success (and happiness): Don’t take yourself too seriously.

In that spirit, we scoured the interwebs over the weekend to find the funniest April Fool’s Day gags from outdoor gear companies.

The keys to a good product spoof is just the right mix of jargon and tech lingo to make it believable, an unflinchingly deadpan delivery, and the element of surprise. April Fool’s fell on a Saturday this year, and Montane used this to its advantage, sending out their drone delivery press release on Thursday, when we were totally unsuspecting.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we did.

Black Diamond HonnSolo 11 Free Soloing Airbag Pack

What we love: Enlisting star power in the form of climber Alex Honnold was genius.

Ibex Woolies Wonder Bodysuit

What we love: In the opening scene of this video, CEO Ted Manning looks like Jimmy Fallon at 3:39 in the “More Cowbell” skit on SNL, doing his best not to totally crack up.

Outdoor Research Burrito Buddy

What we love: We suspect that there’s an iota of truth behind this wacky spoof on an infomercial, and that it was inspired by some burrito-loving employee using OR’s Water Bottle Parka to transport lunch and prevent “burrito carnage.

Montane’s Drone to Phone delivery

What we love: Yeah, it’s kind of a creepy concept—that a delivery drone can find you anywhere as long you have your phone—but it’s probably not too far away.

Vortex/Hornady Bullet Cam

What we love: This video is so awesomely loaded with jargon it will make your head spin. 10 embedded camera bullets for $99? The scary thing is, there’s probably actually a market for this.

Free pancakes

Photo: Wikemedia Commons
Photo: Wikemedia Commons

Of course, we’re pretty proud of our own April Fool’s Day story about pancakes. And we’re actually thinking about making it legit.