Outdoor Trade Shows

New Outdoor Retailer exhibitors, we want you

SNEWS is calling for SIX new exhibitors to be featured in the O.R.D. The catch? You need to respond FAST to be considered.

Are you BRAND NEW to Outdoor Retailer, meaning you’ve never exhibited at the trade show, neither winter nor summer, before? Then we want you!

SNEWS is currently looking for six more exhibitors brand new to Outdoor Retailer (meaning the company has NOT exhibited at any winter or summer show before) to be featured in the Outdoor Retailer Daily.

It’s a race, though! We will feature the first six companies that email responses to the questions below before 5 p.m., Wednesday July 18, along with a high-resolution photo (NO SMALLER than 3 MB). Any responses we receive after the first six will be considered for SNEWS Qs, our weekly Q&A feature. Answers and photos can be sent here.

Also, it must be a president, CEO or general manager who fills out the form.

Just the facts

Company Name:

Company Website:

Name of person filling out form:



Address (city, state):

Title of person filling out form:

Your booth number at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012:

Your product

>> When was your company founded?

>> When did you introduce your first product?

>> In 150 words or less, tell us what is unique or significant about your company’s products

Trade Show

>> Is this your first Outdoor Retailer trade show (meaning you have NEVER exhibited at an Outdoor Retailer trade show either summer or winter)? You cannot have exhibited at any market in order to be featured.

Interesting stuff

1.Tell us about your brands and products?

2.What were you, as the founder of the company, doing before this

3.Where did your inspiration come from?

4.What’s the one best feature of your product?

5.What has been your biggest challenge?

6.Why are you at OR?

7.Who do you look up to in the industry?

8.Who do you want to compete against in the industry?