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Outdoor Retailer Daily, Summer Market 2015, Day 3

Download the tablet-friendly, digital edition of O.R. Daily, Summer Market 2015, Day 3 for free.

Day 3 of your Summer Market 2015 O.R. Daily published by SNEWS is here.


Meet Amy Roberts, OIA’s new executive director, with an extensive background in outdoor retail and government affairs — a good balance for an evolving industry. We ask her where specialty retail goes next.

Plus, catch up on the trade show’s latest products and trends with coverage of hiking, trail running, lifestyle, and watersports footwear. And check out new exhibitors to the show, our favorite product picks, and plenty of photos taken at the show.

Click here, or on the cover, to view the 112-page, tablet-friendly digital edition distributed at the show on Day 3, Aug. 7, 2015.

For all five O.R. Daily issues from Summer Market 2015 as they are published, and editions from past seasons, click here. Every issue is free and open to the public, so share away on social media, too!

— SNEWS Editors