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10th Annual Grassroots Outdoor Alliance Early Show Awards Ceremony

10th annual Grassroots Outdoor Alliance Early Show awards outstanding individuals and companies.

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance concluded it’s 10th Annual Early Show at the Snowbird Resort on June 10, 2010.

The evening’s events wrapped up the three day Early Show with dinner and an awards ceremony that recognized outstanding individuals and companies who have contributed to the organization since it’s inception in 1993. Recognition was aimed at those who have helped G.O.A. make ten years of our Early Shows possible.

Individuals and companies recognized included:

Community Service Award: Horny Toad and Nau for their Planet Access Program

Founder Awards: Dave Baker: The Summit Hut. Tom Valone: Great Outdoor Provision Company

Member Recognition Award: Nat Love: Nat’s Outdoor Sports

Vendor of The Year Award: Smartwool

Buyer of The Year Award: Laura Jones: River Sports Outfitters

Patron of The Year Award: Peter Sachs: Lowa Boots

Also honored during the festivities was Hope Buttitta, Operations Manager for Grassroots Outdoor Alliance for her dedication and service to all G.O.A. members, vendor partners, sales reps and company partners.

It was a great three day show that hosted 29 vendor partners, 3 Value Added Business Partners, 34 Grassroots Outdoor Alliance Members, Conrad Anker with The Conservation Alliance and Michael Hodgson with SNEWS. With over 200 participants, this was a great way to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance Early Show.

We’d like to thank everyone for attending and making it a successful venue. We look forward to seeing you next year in Snowbird on June 12 – 15, 2010.