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reDEW Jeans Names Painted Dog Conservation 2017 Earth Prize Winner

NGO awarded 250,000 Swedish krona — about $28,000 U.S. dollars — to protect endangered species

ESKILSTUNA, SWEDEN — Dec. 12, 2017 

Painted Dog Conservation
Painted Dog Conservation-2017 Earth Prize Winner

reDEW, the sustainable Swedish denim brand, is honored to announce the 2017 reDEW EARTH PRIZE recipient. 250,000 Swedish krona — about $28,000 U.S. dollars — was awarded to Painted Dog Conservation at a ceremony in Eskilstuna on Sunday, Dec. 10th, 2017 by Les Stroud, star of Survivorman, musician, author, filmmaker and reACTIVIST.

2017 marks the second annual reDEW Earth Prize, and the nominees represented some of the most endangered species on the planet, including Painted Dogs in Africa, the California Condor and the Manatee in North America. “Each one of these projects and the endangered species they represent deserve our support, but there could only be one winner,” says reDEW co-founder, Peter Lantz. “The 2017 Earth Prize will provide some relief for the Painted Dogs in Africa, but it is only one small drop in the bucket.”

Painted Dogs, also known as African wild dogs are much maligned, little understood and often persecuted. With fewer than 7,000 remaining in the wild they are winning the race towards extinction. Based in Zimbabwe, Painted Dog Conservation is a model for conservation and has been battling the duel threats of loss of quality habitat and poaching for over twenty years. With a mission to protect and increase the range and numbers of painted dogs, they aim to create an environment where the painted dogs can thrive, and have implemented an Education and Development Program, believing that conservation needs to deliver tangible benefits to the local communities that share their daily lives with the wildlife.

Through the reDEW Foundation, reDEW donates 25-percent of profits annually to international wildlife conservation with the reDEW Earth Prize. The reDEW Earth Prize was established to ensure the reDEW Foundation will always receive 25-percent of the annual profits from making and selling jeans.

reDEW was founded on the principles to develop more sustainable manufacturing and labor practices, alter consumer patterns and the importance of giving something back to the planet. “We are now one step closer to making a positive impact and leaving the world a better place for our grandchildren,” adds reDEW co-founder, Anders Haglund. “But there is much more work to be done. We will continue to use our brand as a catalyst for positive change.”

reDEW is available online and through select speciality retailers in the U.S., including Westerlind Outdoor Shops and Azalea. The brand will exhibit at the upcoming Capsule Shows in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and the 2018 Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show in Denver, Colo. For more information, please visit

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Based on a will to change the way business is done today, reDEW uses the best jeans on earth as a tool to prove that change is possible. On the product side, reDEW is firstly about style, using technology to raise the bar of what’s possible in denim. reDEW Labs® conducts research and development by closely collaborating with leading suppliers, manufacturers and creatives who are also committed to style, technology and sustainability. More than just jeans, reDEW is denim with a mission. reDEW donates 25-percent of profits annually to international wildlife conservation through the reDEW Foundation and the reDEW Earth Prize. Please visit to learn more.


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