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A Business Voice For the Colorado River

Denver, Colorado – “We have to acknowledge that the current management and current use of the Colorado River is unsustainable.” With those words, U.S. Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) challenged business leaders to build a voice for 21st-century river management that recognizes the values behind healthy flowing rivers. Udall addressed more than 30 major companies, including river outfitters, marinas, and outdoor retailers, attending The Business of Water, a two-day summit on October 17 -18, organized by Protect The Flows. The Colorado River system — including major tributaries like the Green, Yampa, Dolores, Gunnison, San Juan and Gila — drives a $26 billion recreation economy and over 230,000 sustainable, American jobs in the outdoor industry and beyond. The summit was a business-to-business dialogue on water sustainability and conservation, with each speaker sharing water efficiencies, innovations, technologies and education strategies. “We have seen life without the Colorado River and it wasn’t pretty,” said Mike Sistak, Government Affairs Director for the Flagstaff, AZ Chamber of Commerce. The summit came immediately on the heels of the government shutdown, a time period when river-related businesses and others in the Flagstaff area lost millions in sales and revenues due to no river access. For more information on the summit and how your business can get involved. link to media coverageclick here.