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A Revolution in Performance Tights from CW-X

The CW-X Revolution Tight ($195 sug. ret., from Wacoal Sports Science Corp. (WSSC) represents the height of kinesiology-based design – specifically created for training and endurance racing where every ounce makes a difference.


New Arm Sleeves, Insulator, Ventilator Performance Apparel

Announced For Fall 2010

NEW YORK, N.Y. (Dec. 22, 2009) –As millions of runners, hikers, and skier/snowboarders know, CW-X® Conditioning Wear was the world’s first performance enhancing conditioning tight. The revolutionary concept of targeted support, of clothing that could improve athletic performance, spawned an industry of imitators. Now comes the next big thing: the Revolution Tight, only from CW-X, which will debut at CW-X booth 1001 during the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, Jan. 21-24, 2010, in Salt Lake.

The CW-X Revolution Tight ($195 sug. ret., from Wacoal Sports Science Corp. (WSSC) represents the height of kinesiology-based design – specifically created for training and endurance racing where every ounce makes a difference. Weighing 14% less than regular performance tights, Revolution provides targeted support to the knee joint, hips, quads, glutes, lower back, hamstring and calves, providing greater stability and balance, and reducing impact to the knee joint by helping muscles and ligaments band together.

The construction of the tights is a proprietary process that creates a four-way stretch body with the EXO-Lite Support Web: a seamless web technology with variable stretch characteristics integrated into the fabric in key support zones. The tights feature a moisture wicking, CoolMax blend with UPF 40+ UVA/B protection, and are available in men’s and women’s specific sizes.

New from CW-X for Fall 2010 are the Insulator Performx Tights ($80) which provide medial and lateral knee support and IT band support, and are offered for the first time in thermal regulating AutoSensor fabric. Also new to the cold weather line is the Insulator Web Top ($90) in Black/Charcoal for men, and Black/Rose Pink for women. The Web top incorporates an upper body Conditioning Web support structure that specifically targets the trapezius muscles and scapular bones of the upper back to assist in supporting posture, breathing, and creating more controlled shoulder and arm motion – leading to more efficient movement.

Ventilator Expands

The Ventilator line expands in the fall to include the new long-sleeved Ventilator Web Top ($80) in Black/Dark Grey for men and Black/Periwinkle for women. The tops are made from Healtha+ fabric with an upper body Support Web to make breathing easier, and Healtha+ mesh side panels extending from the armpit to the bottom hem for ventilation. Also new are the Ventilator Compression Support Socks ($45), a 3-D compression sock (left and right specific), seamlessly vented in multiple spots for comfort and temperature regulation. The socks feature different cushioning and ventilation zones, and will be available for men and women in black and white. The
CW-X Compression Support Socks will become available in Light Grey for Fall 2010.

New Arm Sleeves

In keeping with the theme of temperature regulation are new Lite-Stretch Arm Sleeves. The sleeves are made from 90% polyester/10% Lycra® lightweight 4-way stretch fabric with moisture wicking, anti-bacterial and UPF 50+ sun protection features. They are an excellent solution for runners who prefer to wear short sleeves, but still desire protection from the sun and cold ($40, black).

“We are extremely proud of our new product line for Fall/Winter 2010, particularly the Revolution tight,” said John L.A. Wilson, president and COO of Wacoal Sports Science Corp. “They are all very much in keeping with our principles of targeted support and accelerated recovery.”

Wacoal Sports Science’s parent company, Wacoal Corp., has been issued over 50 patents worldwide for CW-X technology, including 11 U.S. patents. CW-X has been extensively tested and proven in competition by Olympics medalists, cyclists in the Tour de France, and climbers on two separate and successful Mt. Everest expeditions.

Wacoal Sports Science Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan’s Wacoal Corp. (NASDAQ: WACLY), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of intimate apparel. It is headquartered in New York City at 136 Madison Avenue. For more information: 212 743 9673;;

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