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A Well-Dressed Nudist Requires Nothing But A Tilley Hat

Tilley Continues Sponsorship as the official Hat of American Association of Nude Recreation Annual Convention

Toronto, Canada (July 15, 2010) – For eight years and counting, Tilley has proudly sponsored the largest group of individuals who chose their birthday suit over t-shirts and jeans – the American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR). The AANR hosts an annual, national convention for its members, and because the activities typically take place outside, clothing might be optional, but stylish, sun-protective Hats are not.

Carolyn Hawkins, public relations coordinator for AANR, reminds visitors to “Grab your Tilley Hat, some sunscreen and a towel and head to one of our 260 clubs/resorts; these three essentials provide you with everything you need, and you avoid the baggage fees.”

This year’s AANR Annual Convention will be held August 8-14 in Sun Meadow in Worley, Idaho near Spokane, Washington.

The AANR members know a thing or two about sun protection and appreciate the benefits associated with wearing a Tilley Hat. All Tilley Hats are certified UPF 50+ and are guaranteed for life not to wear out and come with a 2-year, all perils 50-percent deductible insurance policy against loss or theft. It’s a good thing Tilley’s got them covered.

About The Tilley Hat / Alex Tilley
The Tilley Endurables story began in 1980 when Alex Tilley was sailing his thirty-foot sloop on the waves of Lake Ontario and his hat blew off, again. This was a regular problem for Alex, so he decided to develop a hat that was long lasting, comfortable, sun- protective and would suit the needs of sailors.

More than 305,000 Tilley Hats are manufactured every year, primarily in Toronto, Ontario. Alex’s attention to detail, design and production goes into every Hat that is made and sold by Tilley Endurables – Alex calls it Canadian persnicketiness.

Tilley Hats are sold though five family-owned stores and 2,600 associated retailers in 18 countries worldwide.

About American Association for Nude Recreation
The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), ( founded in 1931, is the oldest, largest and most respected organization representing clothes-free and clothing-optional recreation in North America. The AANR now has over 50,000 individual members