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Accell Fitness Returns as Title Sponsor to Health and Fitness Business Expo

We are so pleased to return as Title Sponsor to the 10th Annual Health and Fitness Business Expo in Denver, CO.

We are so pleased to return as Title Sponsor to the 10th Annual Health and Fitness Business Expo in Denver, CO. The Accell presence will be felt very strongly at this year’s show, with additional signage, give aways and great frontal placement of our new booth.

At this years show the dealers will once again see a lot of new innovations from Tunturi, Bremshey and the brand new Batavus brands. We will be easy to spot in booth 614 so please stop by!!

What’s New?

New from Tunturi

Tunturi will be launching the BodyShaper with a new and revolutionary “in home” design from Europe. This compact; foldable, no assembly required unit, will allow a complete body workout. Tone, lose weight and develop muscle power with over 30 different exercise options. This unit comes with an instructional DVD to maximize its potential.

New from Tunturi Marketing

This year our focus is building and developing partnerships with our dealers. We feel the best way to achieve that is through our dedication to marketing support. For marketing support, we will be providing full line brochures, product specific fold outs, hang tags and banners.

New from Bremshey

Bremshey took North America by storm in 2005 so here they come again for 2006. More treadmills, more ellipticals, more bikes and brand new recumbent bikes! Bremshey will launch the Cardio Comfort line at this year’s show that contains two recumbent bikes. They will have versatile, easy-to-use consoles, step through frames, comfortable yet adjustable seats and a striking new design. With one manual and one programmable they are sure to fit your floor!

Bremshey Brand Names

Since Bremshey has added a number of sku’s to their line up, it was imperative that names be streamlined. It is quite simple, there are 5 categories: Ambition, Trail, Pacer, Control and Explorer. Within each of those categories is one treadmill (Treadline), upright bike (Cardio), recumbent bike (Cardio Comfort) and elliptical (Orbit).

New from Batavus

Everything! The Batavus line up will consist of 3 ellipticals, 3 upright bikes, 2 recumbent bikes and 3 treadmills. This brand creates another alternative in the introductory level price point category and is sure to be a big success.

Don’t miss any of these great new products. Call Nicole at 1-888-388-6887 Ext. 3005 to book an appointment or stop by booth 614 for all your fitness needs!

Here is a little background information on the brands you will see in Denver.

What’s In A Name?

The Tunturi Name

•Founded in 1922, it is one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of exercise equipment

•Head Office and factory based in Turku, Finland

•Additional products manufactured in Taiwan and China

•Purchased by the Accell Group in 2003

•World wide distribution is heavily influenced by European market

•AFNA’s premium brand in exercise

•The Tunturi WI and TEE at one time was the most purchased fitness upright bike in North America

The Bremshey Name

•Founded in 1973, Bremshey Sport is one of the two largest manufacturers in Germany

•Designed and Engineered in Germany, these products are manufactured in either China or Taiwan

•The Accell Group purchased Bremshey Sport in 2004

•Introduced to North America at the 2005 Denver Health and Fitness Business Expo

•The line is produced with the North American market in mind

The Batavus Name

•Batavus was founded in 1904 by the Gaastra family, a very well known family in Holland for bicycles, they are also the founders of Koga

•Batavus is a top brand in the Netherlands selling app. 250,000 bicycles a year, and employs 400 to 550 people in peak season

•Batavus was purchased by The Accell Group in 1986, and within our group is the largest company and brand that we own

•Outdoor bicycles target the mid to higher quality segments in the market

•Batavus has won many awards including “bicycle of the year”

•Known as “the Flying Dutchman”

Can’t wait to see you at the show!!