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PACT Outdoors Launches the First All-in-One Bathroom Kit Designed to Reduce Human Impact on Open Spaces

As outdoor recreation participation increases threats on public lands; PACT Outdoors creates a solution

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Crested Butte, Colo. (Oct. 5, 2021)- PACT Outdoors unveils the first all-in-one bathroom kit to equip and empower people visiting or recreating on public lands. As outdoor recreation participation increases popular trails, campsites and open spaces have experienced exponentially more above surface human waste and litter driving a need for greater regulation and education. PACT is striving to set a new standard in outdoor bathroom practice by empowering individuals with an easy-to-use kit.

“No one is pooping on the surface of the ground and leaving it because they’re malicious. It’s because they’re naive and in a lot of cases unprepared,” said Crested Butte Mountain Bike Alliance Executive Director, Dave Ochs. “A grab-and-go kit empowers people, and it’s an important complement to strategies like education, regulation and ongoing maintenance to address the increasing sanitization issues our public lands are currently facing.”

The PACT Kit is designed to make outdoor bio-breaks simple enough for anyone for everyone. While reinventing the entire process to be easier and more sustainable, PACT applied a technology that comes straight from nature, Mycelium. Mycelium is the root system for fungi and PACT discovered a species that breaks down poop in the ground faster. In addition to Mycelium Tabs, the PACT Kit also introduces dehydrated compressed wipes, each about the size of a bottle cap that unfold into a 9×9” towel when water is applied. When buried with mycelium (also known as PACT Tabs) the PACT Wipes accelerate the rate of decomposition and mycelium’s ability to neutralize harmful pathogens.

“This innovative application of using fungi to speed decomposition of both fecal material and paper waste while also reducing coliform bacteria (found in the digestive tracts of humans) at the source is a game changer for the health of our trail systems,” said Tradd Cotter, Microbiologist and Founder of Mushroom Mountain. “Suitable for hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts, it also paves the way for other applications that could improve our ecosystems and water quality.”

The kit is appropriate for all situations where burying poop is an approved practice. The all-in-one kit includes:

  • Shovel- Lightweight and ergonomic for digging optimal 6-8” deep holes
  • PACT Wipes- Compressed, dehydrated wipes that expand from bottle cap-size to full 9” wipes with just a small amount of water
  • PACT Tabs- Mycelium tablets work with the wipes in the ground to break down poop
  • Hand Sanitizer- Made with organic, biodynamically grown botanicals in Colorado

The PACT Kit is ready for adventure in a compact, durable case complete with an internal storage pocket for additional toiletry supplies, period products and a washable trash bag for packing trash out. Its packable size is a seamless addition to toiletry essentials for backpacking, hiking, dispersed camping, hunting, fly fishing or any extended outdoor visit where nature inevitably calls.

“With the PACT Kit users are elevating the standards of Leave No Trace best practices,” said Co-Founder Jake Thomas. “PACT users have all the tools that save weight and space, while also providing a clean, comfortable, zero-guilt, and zero-waste outdoor bathroom experience. It’s a win-win; solution for humans and nature.”

Available for purchase online at They are accepting new retailers at

About PACT:

PACT Outdoors is the creator of award-winning all-in-one bathroom kits for outdoor adventures. Designed in the mountains and tested in all environments, their kits reinvent the backcountry bathroom experience with a unique species of mycelium that breaks down human waste faster while reducing pathogens. PACT Outdoors is headquartered in Crested Butte, Colorado. For more information, visit: