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Adventure Eye Offers POV Camera Rental Program to Retailers

Turnkey, video camera rental system includes point-of-sale kiosk with rental scheduling software and disc burning capabilities

HAMMOND, La. – August 30, 2010 – Adventure Eye Video Systems today announced availability of its turnkey, point-of-sale, wearable video camera rental system that facilitates the rental of point-of-view (POV) video cameras so consumers can record and relive their outdoor recreation adventures. Previously, the system was only available to operators as part of a rental profit sharing venture.

Providing outdoor recreation retailers and tour operators with a unique revenue stream, the Adventure Eye rental program includes a proprietary kiosk that manages camera scheduling and burns branded, high-quality DVDs or Flash Media that customers can take home. Customers can also share their experience with other adventurers through the Adventure Eye Video Systems “Share Your Culture Project.”

Adventure Eye has developed strategic relationships with major POV camera manufacturers such as GoPro, Liquid Image, Samsung, VholdR, and V.I.O., and has tested and chosen a variety of cameras from their lines retailers can choose to rent.

Retailers can choose from a variety POV cameras that can be used for mountain/road/BMX/urban riding, motorsports, paintball, scuba/snorkeling, skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, skiing, etc.

“Renting POV cameras is a good way for retailers to generate excitement for their customers before and after their outdoor recreation adventures,” said James Griffith, owner and partner of Adventure Eye Video Systems. “Each time customers watch or share videos of their adventures, it reinforces why they are involved in their chosen sport. The kiosk system also allows retailers to provide a value added service their competitors are not offering, and builds customer loyalty.”

Adventure Eye Video System’s kiosks start at $2,570, not including the cost of cameras, and include software and upgrades for one year. A system with 6 cameras will pay for itself in approximately 20 rental days.

Retailers can purchase cameras directly from Adventure Eye at competitive prices. Retailers are not limited to purchasing cameras from Adventure Eye or using other brands or types of cameras with the Adventure Eye Rental System kiosk.

Adventure Eye designs its rental packages to provide the appropriate camera set-up for the appropriate experience application. The rental kiosk’s hardware and software is scalable, so kiosks can be used with any camera and can be upgraded as new camera technologies emerge.

A program overview video can also be viewed at

For more information about Adventure Eye Video Systems rental Kiosk program and online consumer rental program, please visit the company portal at, or contact its corporate offices at 866.558.AEVS or 985.345.0005.

About Adventure Eye Video Systems
Hammond, Louisiana-based Adventure Eye Video Systems ( has provided turnkey rental programs of wearable, point-of-view video camera systems to outdoor recreation tour operators and retail establishments since 2007. The company’s rental programs are designed to match the appropriate camera with the appropriate activity. Its rental kiosk system manages camera scheduling and burns branded, high-quality DVDs that customers can take home. Adventure Eye Video Systems kiosks are currently on Carnival Cruise Lines ships, at the Atlantis Resort and Casino, and at quality snow ski and whitewater tour operators and retailers in North America.

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