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Aerobics Inc. Introduces New Gold Elite Fold-up Treadmill

Aerobics, Inc., maker of super intelligent PaceMaster Treadmills for more than forty years, is unveiling the first no compromise fold-up…the Gold Elite™ Fold-Up.

WEST CALDWELL, NJ: With the proliferation of professionals “running and gunning” or always “on-the-go,” it’s getting even more difficult for a runner, walker, weekend warrior, or anyone else who wants to get in a solid workout to do so. Further, these same runners and walkers are living in townhouses or smaller living conditions, making it difficult to store a high quality treadmill. Measuring just 34” by 28” (when folded) the new Gold Eliteâ„¢ Fold-Up can fit easily through a standard doorframe and is perfect for a small living area.

If you are short on time and space, or you’re just plain cramped, having your own high-end treadmill can be tough.

Not anymore.

Aerobics, Inc., maker of super intelligent PaceMaster Treadmills for more than forty years, has the answer. The company is unveiling the first no compromise fold-up…the Gold Elite™ Fold-Up. This product will help you master your well-being while also making it convenient for you to store it.

“The Gold Elite™ Fold-Up is the first no compromise treadmill ever produced, combining the rock solid performance that PaceMaster is known for with the convenience of fold-up functionality,” said Gordon Boggis, CEO of Aerobics, Inc., maker of PaceMaster Treadmills.

Based on PaceMaster’s award-winning Gold Eliteâ„¢ model, the Gold Eliteâ„¢ Fold-Up is built on the same robust frame, has the same unshakable platform, the same Tri-Flexâ„¢ Impact Shock Management System, the same intelligent technology…only it’s a fold up.



Three elements working together starting with 1.)Custom Engineered Tread Deck that flexes with every foot strike managing away impact shock 2.)Custom Elastomer Cushions provide additional shock absorption and deflection of impact. And 3.)Aluminum Frame delivers strength and stability while being three times more shock absorbing than steel (and it’s also rust proof).

Like all PaceMaster Treadmills, the Gold Eliteâ„¢ Fold-Up is greater than the sum of its parts; it becomes more than a treadmill-it becomes your very own personal trainer-a highly qualified one. PaceMaster’s unique interactive programming evaluates your current level of fitness, helps you set goals, customizes programs and monitors and records progress.

Let’s go a little deeper into two of the highly intelligent features. The Performance Feedback feature provides the runner, jogger or walker with the time, distance, calories, “Aerobic Points” and a percentage of time in each heart rate zone. The Exercise Preview feature enables you to predetermine what you will accomplish from your workout in terms of distance, calories or “Aerobic Points”—which is essential in achieving your fitness goals.

Just like a high priced personal trainer found at upscale health clubs, PaceMaster Treadmills help you reach your fitness goals based on proven fitness science, like Dr. Cooper’s “Aerobic Points” or our industry-leading heart rate control programs.


Let’s take a quick look at “Aerobic Points”…

Running or walking 30 minutes may not be enough for you. Created in the late 1960’s by Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the “Aerobic Points” system was devised to measure the effectiveness of a workout not just the duration. Typically, a man requires 32 “Aerobic Points” each week; a woman requires 27 “Aerobic Points” per week to achieve good cardiovascular fitness. The PaceMaster is the only treadmill on the market that features Dr. Cooper’s “Aerobics Points” system. Dr. Cooper first devised his “Aerobics Points” system in the late 60’s for the Air Force and NASA. Today, you can track your cardiovascular results and adjust your own point system so you can reach your goals and master your well-being with a PaceMaster Treadmill.

PaceMaster is the only company that is a two-time winner of Runner’s World’s “Best Buy,” stamp of approval. The company is also the recipient of the’s “Best Buy” award (2005 and 2006) and a 2006 “Best of Health Magazine” winner.

For more information about the Gold Eliteâ„¢ Fold-Up please call PaceMaster at 1-973-276-9700 or visit <> . For press images or interviews please contact Wayne Catan of Catan Communications: 973-442-8248 or e-mail him:

Aerobics, Inc., maker of award-winning PaceMaster Treadmills for more than 40 years, is located in West Caldwell, N.J. The company’s products help you master your well-being. Founded in the late 1960’s, the company has received “Best Buy” and rave reviews in magazines such as Self, Runner’s World, Consumers Digest, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Shape, Prevention, and many more. PaceMaster’s highly intelligent treadmills are the only machines that use Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s “Aerobic Points” system that measures the effectiveness of an exercise program. PaceMaster products are also one of the quietest on the market: “Quiet, smooth and more compact than most models,” Women’s Fitness says of PaceMaster, a pioneer in the fitness industry. All PaceMaster products are proudly made in the USA.