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Press Releases

ALLIED Achieves NSF International’s Global Traceable Down Certification with Largest Certifiable Supply; Additional Supply Chains Imminent

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Press Contact 

Scott Boulbol

SMAK Strategies


Montebello, California (April 14, 2016) — In yet another sustainability milestone,ALLIED Feather & Down has completed certification to become the industry’s largest supplier of down certified under NSF International’sGlobal Traceable Down Standard (TDS).

At the start of 2016, ALLIED estimated over 70% of their down had been certified by independent third parties to ensure that all down had been collected from humanely treated birds. With this new certification, in one of Europe’s largest supply chains, ALLIED is much closer to the company’s ultimate goal of having 100% of its down certified by 2017 and immediately brings to market an unprecedented amount of TDS certified down, allowing their partner brands another alternative in responsibly sourced and traceable down.

ALLIED is also working to certify additional supply chains that will make Global Traceable Down a viable option for a larger number of brands and retailers across the outdoor, fashion, and bedding industries – giving brands the choice of selecting the standard that works for them. The extremely comprehensive criteria in TDS provides the highest level of protection to animals from live plucking, confinement in tight spaces and force feeding. These are similar to the other major certification, the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), but TDS takes this one step further: NSF International, the organization that oversees the process (including the standard development, auditing and certification), also requires the mother animal to be treated under the same rules.

Cara Chacon, Senior Director for Social & Environmental Responsibility at Patagonia, adds that, “The Global TDS is the strongest standard available to protect geese and ducks in the meat industry from cruel practices such as live-plucking and force-feeding. We applaud the commitment ALLIED Feather & Down has demonstrated to best in class animal welfare and down traceability practices.”

According to NSF International, it was particularly important to go beyond other existing programs, which start at the hatchery, and extend protection to parent farms. All organizations handling the down are audited and verified to have good management systems in place to keep the certified down segregated from conventionally-sourced down.

“ALLIED’s leadership in the down industry is further strengthened by the work they have done regarding their certification to the Global Traceable Down Standard,” said Jenny Oorbeck, General Manager of NSF Sustainability, a division of NSF International. “They have been a valued partner in the implementation of the Global Traceable Down Standard within their organization and beyond.”

ALLIED estimates that with this certification alone, more than 1 million birds can now immediately be certified under the TDS. They’re currently securing certification for additional sources which will at least double its amount of TDS-certified material.

“We’re incredibly proud of achieving TDS certification, especially on such a huge scale. We feel if we’re going to claim responsibly sourced products, we need to meet the most rigorous standards, and do it in a big way – even if that means changing a law that potentially benefits everyone, including our competitors,” says Daniel Uretsky, ALLIED’s President. “In addition to our popular Track My Down program, I think we make a powerful statement that we’re committed to responsible practices no matter the scale, difficulty or cost. Our consumers deserve that.

About ALLIED Feather & Down:

ALLIED Feather & Down is the world’s leader in the manufacture of the highest quality downs and their blends. Founded in Vernon, Calif. in 1987, ALLIED has been responsibly sourcing and sustainably processing down while driving innovation within the market for over 25 years. The family-run operation has earned the reputation as the largest, most reliable and most responsible supplier of raw material in the industry. ALLIED is committed to safeguarding the environment and transparency in ensuring the welfare of animals, which contributed, in part, to their prestigious bluesign® approval. ALLIED values longstanding relationships with the largest suppliers on the planet and is proud to produce the highest quality down technologies demanded by the most discerning brands in the outdoor, hospitality and fashion marketplaces. To learn more about ALLIED, please visit

About NSF International:

NSF International is an independent organization that writes standards, tests and certifies products for the construction, food, water and commercial and consumer goods industries to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment ( Founded in 1944, NSF is committed to protecting human health and safety worldwide. NSF is a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Food and Water Safety and Indoor Environment. NSF Sustainability offers a range of standardized and proprietary methods of measuring sustainability for organizations, products, processes, supply chains and services. Through its National Center for Sustainability Standards, NSF has developed animal welfare and sustainability standards for product categories such as down, chemicals, building products and materials, and water quality. NSF works with leading regulators, scientists, engineers, public health and environmental health professionals, and industry representatives to develop these transparent, science-based standards, protocols, and product category rules.