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American Backcountry Introduces New ‘Hiker Woman’ Tee

The Made in the USA T-Shirt brand reveals their brand-new design geared toward women in the outdoors.

Asheville, NC (January 18, 2019) American Backcountry – the North Carolina based T-shirt brand celebrating their 26th anniversary this year – has released a brand-new addition to their line-up for outdoor enthusiasts. Geared toward women who love the outdoors, the new tee features a ‘hiker woman’ getting out and at ‘em. The new tee, printed on their signature Repreve Triblend, utilizes seven recycled water bottles per shirt.

The ‘hiker woman’ shirt launches at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show this January and features a woman hiking on a trail with picturesque mountains in the background and an air of determination.

“The individual expression that the outdoors allow each of us is well worth celebrating,” said American Backcountry founder, Frank Hintz. “Gnarly is a state of mind and not just reserved for those on the long haul. We want to fully represent all individuals who have a passion for the outdoors and celebrate that diversity”


The graphic, developed by American Backcountry’s designer, Eric Iovino, complements the brands ‘Hiker dude’ tee that launched in July of 2018 to celebrate at 50th anniversary of the National Trail Act. According to American Backcountry’s marketing coordinator, Natalie DeRatt, it is a welcome add-on to the brand’s new styles.

“It’s so important – now more than ever – to have equal representation no matter how you identify. The outdoor industry is already very heavily male dominated, so it’s so refreshing to see this Hiker Gal launch and carve out her own space in the line. We can’t wait to see what’s next!”

American Backcountry has long been known for its Destination Tee Shirt series that highlight and celebrate America’s Public Lands. With the recent launch of their 2019 designs – aimed toward the millennial age group – the brand has refocused to hit every market. Their new prints range from colorful bison, roaming elk, to an iconic John Muir portrait.

“We’re really excited to inject something new and fresh into our destination line,” said Hintz. “It’s a little different to what we’re known for, but still celebrates all our favorite public lands.”

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Making their debut in 1994 at Appalachian Trail Days festival in Damascus, VA, American Backcountry™ has long been known for its Destination and Trail Tee Shirt series that highlight and celebrate America’s Public Lands and wild places. The brand continues to stay true to their roots, celebrating 25 years worth of relationships, great hikes, and signature graphic designs. For more information: or to join the hiking conversation: