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Announcing SIGG as $50,000 sponsor of Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia

The Metanoia Team is excited to announce SIGG as our first sponsor at the Metanoia-$50,000 level.

The Metanoia Team is happy to announce SIGG as our first sponsor at the Metanoia – $50,000 level. SIGG Switzerland is the best selling reusable water bottle in the world, and with over 100 years expertise «The Original Swiss Bottle» demonstrates worldwide quality and craftsmanship. SIGG will create a “Metanoia” bottle with the Eiger showing prominently to promote the film. We are incredibly excited that they have chosen to support Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia at such a high level.

Narrated by acclaimed author Jon Krakauer and directed by Academy Award nominee, Greg Lowe, Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia uses the Eiger as a backdrop for Jeff Lowe’s life story. For nine harrowing days in the winter of 1991, Jeff pieced together what Men’s Journal called an “unimaginable” route up the very center of the Eiger Nordwand. This is the story behind a climb—an act of imagination—that has become legendary.

This film explores the incredible life and climbs of this visionary alpinist who continues to be the adaptable man he set out to be in his youth. Jeff’s indomitable spirit and incredible optimism both on and off the mountains epitomize a philosophy that celebrates life and the outdoors. Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia explores these themes in the iconic setting of the Swiss Alps.

If your company would like to support Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia please contact Connie Self at or 208.630.4477

Or support us on , a unique source of funding that will be used to re-create scenes from Jeff’s solo first ascent of Metanoia in the exact locations where they occurred on the North Face of the Eiger. Celebrated American climber, Josh Wharton will be the “climb in” for these re-creations. An attempt of a second ascent will also be filmed later this winter if conditions come in for Swiss climbing superstar, Ueli Steck.

You can also make tax-deductible contributions to our project partner OHIT, Inc a 501(c3) corporation whose mission is to celebrate the joys of climbing, secure access and preserve the mountain environment.

For more information or to request sponsorship information please visit or contact us at or 208.630.4477

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Photo credit: Jon Krakauer, Metanoia