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Announcing: World Premier of Jeff Lowe's Metanoia, Banff Mountain Film Festival, Nov 2, 2014


The Banff Mountain Film Festival is pleased to host the World Premier of Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia.narrated by Jon Krakauer, produced by Connie Self anddirected by Jim Aikman.

Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia is a feature length documentary film that follows the life and climbs of Jeff Lowe through his visionary ascents around the world up to his current dance with a terminal disease. Powerful expressions of commitment, love and passion redefined what was possible in the mountains. Today Jeff continues to discover his true capacities as he incorporates the dying process into a rich daily life. It is a mind-bending adventure through time and space that gives physical form to Jeff’s unique philosophies and creative genius. The narrative juxtaposes his explorations as a climber with those of his final days. Directed by Jim Aikman, Produced by Jeff Lowe and Connie Self, this film includes decades of historical climbing content alongside modern cutting edge imagery of the world’s best climbers.

Jeff Lowe Solo First Ascent, East Face Ama Dablam 1978

The film carries viewers through Jeff’s childhood in the mountains of Utah, through his legendary climbing career, contentious romantic history and controversial business decisions, up to today, as Jeff loses his ability to walk, speak, and move freely in the mountains that defined him. The story hinges on Jeff’s experience in the winter of 1991, when he set out to do an “unimaginable” new route up the North Face of the Eiger, amidst profound personal turmoil. His survival is a testament to his fierce commitment to his child and a transformation that took place 5000’ up the wall. He narrowly escaped, abandoning his pack in the process, where it stayed frozen in ice for twenty years. In 2011, ten years into his disability, Jeff and a film crew returned to Switzerland to recover the pack and seek a greater understanding of his life-changing experience, which continues to unfold today.

Anyone who has ever faced a challenge will find inspiration in Jeff’s story of redemption and resilience. He is an exceptionally human character, whose fundamental nature is focused on exploring possibilities, but he also makes mistakes to which anyone can relate. Years of climbing prepared Jeff for the challenges he faces now amidst his fading mortality, and there are powerful lessons to be learned along the way, especially as end of life issues erupt on the scene to tell a story within a story.

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