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Aquapac-sponsored paddler to embark on journey around Great Lakes

Bryan Hansel of Minnesota sets out for 5-month, 3,800-mile journey to raise profile of paddling and promote conservation.

Grand Marais, Minn. – (For immediate release) – If Minnesota’s Bryan Hansel sits down later this year to start his “What I did on my summer vacation” essay, his opening sentence should be pretty easy.


That’s what the 37-year-old photographer, writer and guide will be doing this year as he attempts to become the first person to complete a 5-month, 3,800-mile solo kayak circumnavigation of all the Great Lakes.

Hansel is undertaking the water journey with the goals of promoting improved stewardship of the Great Lakes, increasing interest of the paddlesports and documenting his travels in a book, including photographs he captures while shooting through his waterproof Aquapac case for his SLR camera.

“Picture taking while paddling a kayak in big waves is always a challenge,” Hansel said. “With an Aquapac case protecting my camera I can concentrate on getting the picture I want instead of worrying about keeping my camera dry.”

Aquapac is proud to offer Hansel some peace-of-mind. The daunting kayak trip, which begins May 2 on the northwestern edge of Lake Superior, will provide plenty of other distractions from wind and waves to campsite availability to physical exhaustion: Some days he plans to paddle more than 30 miles.

“We wish Bryan the best of luck on this adventure,” said Aquapac CEO Tim Turnbull. “We knew we had to get involved in this project when we heard about his goals. We’re really appreciative that he’s championing a blend of recreation and conservation around a one-of-a-kind resource and we’re glad we can help out.”

Hansel is thankful for Aquapac, too.

“Five months in a kayak is demanding on electronics, and I need to know that my equipment is going to stay functional the entire time,” said Hansel. “With Aquapac 100% Waterproof cases protecting my electronic gear, I can concentrate on paddling instead of having to worry about keeping my gear dry.”

Like Aquapac, Hansel uses Twitter (bryanhansel), where he’ll “tweet” about his excursion. He can also be followed at his blog.

For more information on Aquapac, please visit Media interested in a scheduled of Hansel’s trip, should contact Matt Crawford at Pale Morning Media, or call 802.583.6069.

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