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Athletepath Reinvents Race Registration by Eliminating “Convenience Fees” for Athletes and Reducing Processing Expenses by 70%

More affordable and more accessible… the price you see is the price you pay thanks to Athletepath’s new approach to race registration.

Athletepath Reinvents Race Registration by Eliminating “Convenience Fees” for Athletes and Reducing Processing Expenses by 70%

PORTLAND, Ore. Athletepath, the only social network for athletes, improves event registration forever by eliminating “convenience fees” charged to race participants while drastically reducing events’ processing costs by 70%. In addition to encouraging athletes to share event experiences with like-minded friends and family, Athletepath’s reimagined registration offering dramatically reduces costs to events and athletes, making the registration process more affordable and accessible to all involved parties.

“It’s ludicrous how much money is lost to “convenience fees” that athletes pay traditional registration sites. These fees infuriate athletes while inflating the total price of an event, which limits participation,” said Athletepath Founder and CEO David Embree. “Our team found this opportunity to make a thrilling change that benefits athletes everywhere and every event by driving costs down across the board and bringing athletes and events closer together.”

A recent study performed by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners surveyed the U.S. population targeting amateur athletes, and discovered that 9 out of 10 people interested in athletic events state that they would participate more frequently if the registration fees were less expensive. Athletepath is uniquely positioned to meet all athletes’ needs while encouraging greater event participation amongst athletes and their friends.

For the first time, Athletepath offers event organizers an alternative to traditional high-fee registration companies; empowering events to pass savings on to athletes and increase their margin so that they may further enhance the event or contribute to beneficiaries at greater scale.

At present, the average registration fee eats up nearly 8% of every dollar athletes spend when signing up for an event. Athletepath’s new pricing of 2.9% + $0.30 reduces registration costs by an astounding 70%, enabling event directors more financial freedom. With no membership fee to the user, Athletepath members never have to worry about unwanted charges and event directors and organizers experience a seamless, welcoming registration process that attracts more athletes to join in.

“Our runners have been overjoyed with a straightforward and honest registration experience,” said IMS Arizona Marathon Event Director Debra Undhjem. “We’ve received very positive feedback on the sign-up process, the community networking experience on Athletepath, and of course, the lack of fees.”

Athletepath connects passionate, active people together unlike any other fitness application or social network available. This latest announcement featuring a drastic reduction in registration processing rates, and the complete removal of add-on “convenience fees” to athletes further builds the relationship between race participants and the events themselves. Explore Athletepath to connect with fellow athletes and friends, and stay connected to exciting events in your area or great events across the country.

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Athletepath is the social network for athletes connecting millions of people along the path to endurance pursuits, racing, and the accomplishment of goals. The Athletepath community encourages discovery and participation in new events and allows friends and fans to follow the journey from first training steps to the finish line. People are happier, more motivated, and better connected to their community when setting and completing goals. Athletepath makes the journey more accessible and enjoyable for everyone in the world. 

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