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Aventura Clothing Ranked Number One in Textile Exchange’s Race to the Top

Reno, NV – Aventura Clothing has been recognized by the Textile Exchange for their efforts in converting more of their women’s clothing styles over to sustainable, eco-friendly and organic fabrics. With a dedication to protecting the Earth, one garment at a time, Aventura is proud to be ranked number one in the Textile Exchange’s Race to the Top for their league.


Since 2002, Aventura has been a member of the Textile Exchange, a global nonprofit organization that works closely with all sectors of the textile supply chain to find the best ways to minimize and even reverse the negative impacts on water, soil, air, and the human population created by the clothing industry. The Race to the Top Award celebrates those companies who are converting their ranges to organic cotton, in order of percentage total cotton consumption. 

“When we were first developing the concept for Aventura Clothing in 2005 we attended the Organic Exchange conference (now Textile Exchange).” states John Kirsch, President of Aventura Clothing. “Following that conference, we were surprised how the larger brands at the event were willing to open up and help brands that were interested in getting into the organic cotton/textile space.”

Aventura and brother brand, Ecōths, are dedicated to creating stylish clothing using organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics, such as rayon from bamboo, modal and recycled polyester, in their collections. Both brands are passionate about doing their part to help the environment, from the fabrics they use to the environmental measures they take at their offices to make a minimal impact on the Earth.

About Aventura Clothing

Based in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, Aventura designs and creates fresh lifestyle clothing and accessories for women. Aventura is a family-run company that focuses on being thoughtful in everything they do from their employees, to their customers, to the environment and their products. With an attention to detail, their clothing is feminine, flattering, and functional for women who relish the everyday adventures and appreciate clothing crafted with natural fibers and a low environmental impact. Aventura provides women a stylish, natural look while also helping the Earth, one garment at a time.