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Beeline Cases earns HI Travel Tales’ Seal of Approval for Travel Product Excellence

HI Travel Tales, the insider travel website for inquisitive and active travelers, has awarded the HI Travel Tales Seal of Approval for Travel Product Excellence to Beeline Cases for the company’s innovative smartphone case.

The Beeline Case — — provides tethered security for smartphones, preventing those potentially devastating accidental drops. Thus, they satisfy HI Travel Tales standards for take-alongs that are multifunctional, lightweight, safe, protective, durable, practical, packable and/or just plain fun. You bet HI Travel Tales editors and founders Michael Hodgson and Therese Iknoian put it through hard-core, on-the-road, real-world testing.


“Knowing that even when leaning over the edge of a cliff to get the ‘money shot’ that because I have the Beeline Case I am not risking losing my phone is a wonderful feeling,” Michael Hodgson wrote in the HI Travel Tales review.

Every product awarded the HI Travel Tales (HITT) Seal of Approval has truly earned the award. That’s because not every product reviewed and field-tested by the HITT travel team fulfills the website’s high standards for must-have travel gear and even makes it onto the site, award or not. The HITT awards do not compare one product to others of its kind, but rather judge each on its own merits – including if Michael and Therese would want to keep traveling with it after testing!

Product reviews by HI Travel Tales are posted weekly and cover the gamut of travel-focused categories, from luggage and bags, to underwear and apparel, to accessories and footwear, and everything in between.

HI Travel Tales also posts regular content that focuses on off-the-beaten-track destinations and sites or how to make the most out of perhaps overrun and over-touristy destinations – they are popular for a reason! In addition, look for video features, slide shows, travel art by Michael, travel photography by Therese … and much more!

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About HI Travel Tales

Inquisitive by nature. Adventurous by spirit. Inherently optimistic. After two combined lifetimes of global travels, Michael and Therese pooled their curiosity and love of active and adventurous exploration with the launch of HI Travel Tales in early 2014. This is not adventure travel in the (unfortunately clichéd) sense of the word, but adventurous, insider, curious, peek-around-the-corners travel – if the crowd goes left, we go right; if the tour books don’t highlight it, we want to go; if somebody says you can’t walk there, our four feet hit the dirt. For Michael and Therese, an adventure could be across the globe or down the street; in a big city or on the top of a forested mountain; it can last a day or a month. In fact, it can be all of those things on one trip – thus necessitating multifunctional products to ensure lightweight ramblings that are simply more fun. Let go. Hit the road. Open your soul to the world.