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Berghaus Athlete Markus Pucher heads ‘Into the Wild’ to achieve first ascent in Patagonia


Berghaus sponsored climber Markus Pucher has achieved the first ascent of the west face of Marconi Sur in Patagonia. Unaccompanied, Pucher free soloed the 800m high new route (rated up to M5), which he named Into the Wild. Located on the border between Argentina and Chile, Marconi Sur is 2,484m high and has only been climbed once before, when Antonio Taglialegne completed a solo route on the east face in 1995.

Markus Pucher made the climb during a trip to Patagonia that had numerous objectives. Pucher’s attempt on Marconi Sur was undertaken on a three day excursion, during which he took only essential equipment and foraged for food as he went. Once he reached Marconi Sur, Pucher’s climb was achieved in a six hour round trip, and he completed the 800m free solo line in under three hours.

Markus Pucher comments:


“Once again, I was all alone and far from any civilization. I was in the wilderness for three days, eating berries and crossing a huge river to reach my goal, hence the name Into the Wild. The climb was supposed to be part of my preparation for a big project in August, but having achieved this first ascent of this wall, I think this may become one of my most beautiful adventures.”

The west face of Marconi Sur had been attempted twice before, but neither expedition reached the summit. Pucher’s successful climb came only a few months after his solo ascent of the Ragni route on Cerro Torre in a storm.

Born and brought up in a remote Austrian valley, Markus Pucher is an alpinist and professional mountain and ski guide. He is a member of the Berghaus team of sponsored athletes and tested some of the latest products from the company’s Extrem range during his time in Patagonia. To read more about Markus Pucher and the Berghaus team, visit the athletes’ page on the company’s website.