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Bia Sport Announces Addition of Live Tracking

Designed and inspired by female athletes, multisport GPS watch Bia, announced today the addition of live tracking to the already impressive roster of functions offered by the relatively new brand. Bia is the first and only GPS watch on the market to offer this feature.

The addition of live tracking allows Bia users the unique ability to share a private URL with friends, family or coaches, so these select individuals can track the user’s location in real time, both on race day or during a regular workout via their computer, tablet or smartphone. An added benefit of this new feature is that athletes only need the Bia device to enable live tracking, versus having to carry a smartphone to access the cellular connectivity required for this type of live engagement.

“From not only a safety but a social standpoint, this feature is a game changer for our athletes,” said co-founder Cheryl Kellond, “Now they can stay connected to friends and family on race day, during a long workout or whenever they want an extra set of eyes looking out for them. We are thrilled to offer Bia athletes the peace of mind and connectedness live tracking will provide.”

Live Tracking can be used in two forms: Race Day Tracking and Anytime Tracking, both included in a subscription of $3.99 per month or $36.99 annually.

With Race Day Tracking, users can create a one-time URL that will go live on the requested date of their race so friends and family can track their loved one’s progress during the race or locate them post race. On the web, fans will see minute-by-minute updates creating an accurate and near-real-time depiction of where the athlete is at any given time during the race. Because Race Day links are public, they will be deactivated after 48 hours for privacy purposes.

With Anytime Tracking, Bia users can give their inner circle private, secure access to daily workouts. Athletes will invite their closest friends or family to a list, giving these individuals permission to follow to the user anytime she/he turns the “live tracking” setting on. Whether users prefer the option for safety, accountability or fun, they’ll feel confident knowing that a private and confidential group of loved ones can follow their workouts real-time view and see their location on a map.

Boasting an impressive 2G connectivity, Bia is able to not only offer groundbreaking new features like live tracking, but also a bevy of other functions including, SOS safety alerts, 17 hours of battery life, water resistance up to 50 meters, quick-loading GPS, wireless uploads to online training logs and over a dozen workout modes.

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About Bia Sport

Bia Sport, a multisport GPS watch built by women for women, was crowdfunded into existence through a Kickstarter campaign in 2012. Founders Cheryl Kellond and Sylvia Marino raised $408,000 in just over a month and got to work building the device. In June 2014, Bia became available for purchase. Packed with 2G cellular connectivity, 17 hours of battery life, water resistance up to 50m, quick-loading GPS, Bia refused to “shrink it and pink it”. The watch comes with SOS safety alerts, a sleek ergonomic fit that feels great even on smaller wrists, wireless uploading to Bia’s website, Strava, TrainingPeaks, or MapMyFitness, and over a dozen workout modes. For more information about Bia, visit