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Blaze becomes Blaze Partners in Redefining the Traditional Agency Model

Today, with dozens, if not thousands, of ways to engage consumers, it’s not surprising that brands have become far more promiscuous in their agency relationships.


Portland, ME –Three veteran marketing professionals have joined forces with a vision of upending and redefining the traditional advertising agency model. This past week, Jim Hauptman, Jenna Klein Jonsson and Kevin Kayne formalized their new partnership, and announced their plans going forward. Blaze Partners is the evolution of Blaze, LLC – a brand communications consultancy founded by Hauptman in 2011.

With a seemingly endless number of opportunities to engage consumers today, brands both large and small routinely engage a variety of “specialty” agencies that focus on one specific discipline or channel. “The Agency of Record model has run its course,” says Hauptman. “The days of a single agency successfully managing all aspects of a client’s advertising/marketing needs –across all customer touch points – is no longer feasible but for a handful of the largest firms.”

The evolution hasn’t been without its casualties, though, brand strategy being at the top of the list. “With the marketing industry having become more fragmented, specialty firms are working against a strategy for just their portion of the work. The more global, overarching strategy that ultimately guides the brand is oftentimes lost,” says Klein Jonsson. “As a result, the thinking has become more myopic. Bigger breakthrough ideas are harder to come by because no one’s seeing the big picture. Our new approach allows us to remain focused while thinking big for the companies we serve.”

Blaze Partners will focus on this crucial gap in the overall brand strategy process. “We think of ourselves as ‘Strategists of Record’,” says Kayne. “Our job is to define overarching goals for the brand and then select the right talent to ultimately execute the work. We’ve curated a network of more than fifty partner firms and freelancers in bringing customized solutions to every new client engagement. Our motto is ‘guiding brands’ – a responsibility we take very seriously.”

Blaze Partners works with a variety of local and national clients. Noteworthy Maine clients include Stabil, Sea Bags, Acorn, Geiger, Crestline and the Maine Energy Marketers Association. Past Blaze clients include: Woolrich, L.L.Bean, Sundance Catalog, Vermont Country Store, Boston Beer Company and many other consumer brands. The firm’s offices are located at 30 Danforth Street, Suite 304, Portland, ME 04101. Tel: 207-200-8002. (

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