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blurr teams with La Sportiva S.p.A. to bring the brand to Europe

Effective February 1st 2008, La Sportiva S.p.A. has taken on European Distribution of the blurr brand.

Effective February 1st 2008, La Sportiva S.p.A. has taken on European Distribution of the blurr brand.

Blurr produces innovative apparel and carrying systems that are styled to speak to the modern
outdoor athlete. With blurr’s climbing heritage directly informing their commitment to ensure
versatility, minimalism and freedom of movement in the product they design, blurr caters to a new
generation of outdoor athletes and enthusiasts who move more readily and frequently between urban
and backcountry environments and insist that the product they use do the same.

La Sportiva S.p.A., a leader in outdoor footwear, has been a pillar of the outdoor industry for
decades. La Sportiva S.p.A. is on a continual search for innovative and purposeful solutions to
ensure their product delivers safety, comfort and performance under the most demanding conditions.
Passion for the mountain environment and mountain sport has built a company committed to producing the highest quality and best performing product in the industry, all the while ensuring that all facets of the development and production process are scrutinized to ensure minimal environmental impact. These uncompromising standards have contributed to their success and longevity, as they celebrate their 80th anniversary this year.

“This is significant for us on many levels.” says blurr CEO D’Arcy Bloom. “Six years ago when blurr
set out to satisfy the progressive, often urban based outdoor athlete by combining an urban aesthetic and brand image with the technical wizardry of the outdoor industry, it was received with mixed reviews. Industry thinking has aligned nicely with our brand since then and we have seen continually strong growth since our inception. Working with La Sportiva S.p.A. will not only open up a large, well suited market but we mutually benefit by the aligning of two companies that put a premium on progressive design.”

Founded in 2001 and based in Squamish, Canada, blurr Design Inc. is run by a small and
hardworking group of innovative and active folks. The blurr consumer is dynamic, multi-faceted and
brings a holistic approach to integrating work and recreation. blurr aims to provide them with a
range of product that allows them to streamline their wardrobe and go about their business. At
blurr, functionality shouldn’t have to differ to fashion but nor should style be sacrificed.

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