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Body-Solid Delivers Strong Line-Up at Health & Fitness Business Show

Body-Solid®, Inc. is rolling out a ground-breaking commercial dual line and an extensive offering of home gym and strength-training products for fall 2006 at the Health & Fitness Business Show.

Forest Park, Ill. (August 1, 2006) – Driven by an aggressive new product development initiative, Body-Solid, Inc. is launching a ground-breaking commercial dual line and an extensive offering of home gym and strength-training products for fall 2006. Debuting this week at the Health & Fitness Business Show, the unique modular Pro-Dual line consists of 10 function-specific machines specifically designed to accommodate commercial facilities with limited workout environments. The company is also augmenting its comprehensive Body-Solid and Powerline equipment lines to respond to core dealers’ requests and meet consumers’ needs.

The strong push into the commercial market coupled with a fresh approach to the product design and development process are key elements of a long-term growth strategy. CEOs Stuart Glenn and Scott McDonald implemented the new strategy soon after assuming their co-leadership role of the company in June 2005.

“We have accomplished a great deal in a short amount of time,” says Stuart Glenn. “Based on the positive feedback from retailers during recent line previews, we feel we are on the right track.”

According to Scott McDonald, what distinguishes Body-Solid is the company’s long-standing commitment to high-quality, technically advanced fitness equipment at a great value.

“Our goal is to provide consumers with safe and solid products that deliver real performance benefits without tacking on unnecessary additions that only push up the price,” McDonald adds.

Body-Solid’s equipment introductions for fall 2006 will be available in fitness specialty retailers, sporting goods stores and commercial outlets.

Ideally suited to commercial facilities such as hotels, fire stations, community centers and residential complexes, the space-efficient Pro-Dual line is a modular system that offers a range of options. The new line includes 10 function-specific dual machines that can stand-alone or be combined with a three-stack or four-stack weight tower to build a single multi-function gym. This modular flexibility allows facilities to create a customized series of workout stations even in the smallest spaces. Designed to work in tandem with the body’s natural movements, the smooth, fluid motion of this commercial dual equipment line also provides a more efficient and comfortable workout experience.

New additions to the Body-Solid line include the GDCC 200/250 functional trainer series which is offered in several configurations: a multi-functional trainer, a traditional cable crossover and a stand-alone single cable column. The new GAB 300 plate-loaded abdominal bench isolates both upper and lower abs in three unique movements for superior abdominal development. Incorporating an innovative and space-saving design, Body-Solid developed stand-alone weight stacks for its popular GIOT (inner/outer thigh) and GLP (leg press/calf press) home gym attachments.

Powerline by Body-Solid
Introductions for fall 2006 include the Powerline P1 Multi-Station Home Gym, which combines versatility and durability with a modern, sleek design. Simple to assemble and fully adjustable, the P1 offers the benefit of an optional leg press station that can be mounted on either side of the gym. Suited for users of all ages and fitness levels, the new PFID125W is a compact, adjustable Folding Flat/Incline/Decline bench that comes fully assembled and folds down to fit under a bed or stand in a closet. Powerline products provide an economical alternative for consumers just entering the fitness market and feature the company’s special 10-year warranty.

Product Upgrades
The company has also added a range of functional upgrades and aesthetic improvements, including a new ergonomically correct, multi-grip press arm system on two of its most popular home gyms—the G5S and the G9S. The new graphic panel enhancements on the Endurance cardio machines offer user-friendly controls and operation. These upgrades will appear in late fall 2006.

Headquartered in Forest Park, Ill., Body-Solid, Inc. has been producing award-winning exercise equipment since 1989. With a 17-year history in the strength-training market segment, Body-Solid Inc. manufactures and markets innovative health and fitness equipment including home gym systems and free weights including the Body-Solid and Powerline by Body-Solid lines, Endurance cardiovascular machines, as well as the Pro-Dual commercial equipment line.

The company’s products offer a rare blend of quality, value and versatility, and the
Body-Solid and Endurance lines are supported by a unique In-Home Lifetime Warranty. Body-Solid equipment is available globally through fitness specialty retailers, sporting goods stores and commercial outlets. For more information, contact Body-Solid at 800-833-1227 or online at