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Boreas Introduces Adjustable Suspension Packs

New pack brand Boreas has invented an innovative variable suspension pack that switches from a traditional suspension to a ventilated trampoline suspension with the tug of a strap. See them at the OR Summer Market this August.

Different activities make different demands on a backpack. Loads carry best close to your back but close-fitting suspensions can be miserable on a hot day and are a pain in the back on a bike ride.

We designed a new line of packs to address this problem. We’ve invented an innovative, adjustable suspension that can switch a pack from a traditional, close-fitting suspension to a very ventilated trampoline suspension. The switch from one end to the other—or anywhere in between—is as simple as pulling on a single strap.

Boreas will be debuting its new variable suspension at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market this August in Salt Lake City.

Stop by our booth or call or email to set up an appointment and we’ll walk you through all our packs, from the new variable suspension Lagunitas and Bolinas packs to a full line of tech backs and daypacks that combine simple comfort and a clean design unlike anything else in the industry.

For more information, contact Chris Harges at or call us at 415.992.7020.