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Brynje of Norway Selects SMAK Strategies to Spearhead Brand Communications and Media Relations in USA

Leading Norwegian-based brand will focus on building its brand presence and bringing its award-winning baselayers to the US market

Boise, ID


Brynje of Norway (pronounced “Brin-ya”), a company that has been outfitting outdoor expeditions and enthusiasts since 1887, is pleased to announce its partnership with SMAK Strategies, a Boulder based PR and Marketing agency. Effective immediately, SMAK will handle Brynje’s public relations efforts as the company looks to build its brand presence in the USA.

Brynje of Norway’s USA distributor offers exceptional base layer collections for all types of activities and adventures. Brynje’s signature Merino wool mesh base layers, comprised of 80/20% Merino wool/polyester yarn, affords up to six times the insulation value per gram of weight. Additionally, the porous mesh design allows body moisture to immediately “transport” to the outer layers. By weaving the polyester into the wool, it also creates a more durable garment and consequently its life expectancy.

“Brynje’s brand history and product integrity speaks volumes of the company and we’re extremely excited to be working with their USA team,” said Maria Hennessey, Founder and President of SMAK Strategies. “We’ve put their base layers to the test and are amazed at their comfort and performance. Additionally, the brand represents the qualities and values we find so important here at SMAK, including a strong adventure and environmental ethos.”

Brynje USA’s complete Fall 2017/Winter 2018 offerings will be available beginning in early October, and include:

Wool Thermo Light Mesh Collection (WTL)

The WTL mesh provides an extremely light and stretchy knitted fabric with excellent insulation and vapor transport where there may be high exertion but less need for insulation from extreme cold.

WTL products are perfect for daily wear and activities when the risk of extended exposure to extreme cold are diminished.

Wool Thermo Mesh Collection (WT)

The WT is made from Brynje’s classic knitted 3/32” open weave net, allowing trapped air to provide high insulation with maximum vapor transport through the fabric to outer layers at four times the insulation value by weight than solid Merino wool knit fabrics. Additionally, the mesh design provides exceptional stretch and freedom of movement.

WT products are designed for high activity when there is a likelihood of a need for maximum insulation.

Super Thermo Collection (ST)

The ST mesh collection is made with Brynje’s original synthetic mesh design. Polypropylene yarn absorbs virtually no moisture and can wick at an accelerated rate compared to other fibers, including wool.

ST products are the best choice for expeditions and environments where the risk of becoming wet and cold are likely.

In the USA, Brynje is focued on securing and supporting wholesale distribution with speciality retailers and generating direct to consumer sales via its website, For more information on the history of Brynje, and to see the entire base layer collection available in the USA, visit


About Brynje USA

Since 1887, Brynje of Norway has designed and manufactued the highest quality baselayers, continuousally evolving its product line to to meet the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts and winter athletes. They proudly outfitted Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary’s “first to summit” Mount Everest expedition in 1953 and the Unarmed Expedition to the South Pole in 1994. Brynje of Norway’s USA distributor offers a range of base layers for all types of activities and adventures. For more information on the history of Brynje, and to see the entire base layer collection available in the USA, visit

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