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Cascade Designs, Inc. Set to Launch New Adventure Gear Collection

Cascade Designs, Inc. today announced the upcoming release of a new collection of adventure travel gear under the Traveling Light name, inspired by the travel philosophies of company co-founder and Chief Product Tester, John Burroughs.

Seattle, U.S.A. – Cascade Designs, Inc., the Seattle-based industry leader in the design and manufacture of premier outdoor equipment, today announced the upcoming release of a new collection of adventure travel gear under the Traveling Light name. Inspired by the travel philosophies of company co-founder and Chief Product Tester, John Burroughs, the collection includes travel bags, comfort essentials and protective cases.

“The further you get from the front door, the more indispensible your gear becomes” said Burroughs of his travel philosophy. “After 50 years of globetrotting, I’ve learned that the less you bring, the more you enjoy the journey. I only bring what’s essential for enjoying the trip and whenever possible, I bring things that have multiple uses, lightening the load even more.”

Inspired by Burroughs, each piece of gear in the 2011 Traveling Light collection is an essential piece that can be used in multiple ways to lighten and simplify travel.

“Adventure travelers have been using Cascade Designs products for their global adventures for many years, but it has taken some digging to find them in the marketplace” said Darren Pinne, Division Director, Gear Protection and Travel Accessories. “By gathering the most popular travel pieces, along with several new products, in one new collection, it’s going to be much easier for travelers to find them at retail.”

Travel Bags

Designed for lightweight travel, all bags are radio-frequency welded to stand up to rugged ground and rough weather, keeping the contents safe. Bright colors help travelers keep track of their belongings in crowded places or inclement weather.

  • WideMouth™ Carry-On – A wide opening bag for easy packing featuring a roll-down waterproof closure for protection. 40-liter size meets most carry-on standards. Made in Seattle, U.S.A.
  • Carry-On Zip™ and Carousel Zip™ – Can be carried like a duffle or a backpack due to a unique three-point carry system. Constructed with a submersible YKK® zipper closure for protection. 40-liter Carry-On Zip bag meets most carry-on standards and 75-liter Carousel Zip bag can easily be checked-on. Made in Seattle, U.S.A.
  • Cargo Carrier™ – A rugged backpack that carries large loads and keeps belongings protected, even on a roof-top cargo rack. Harness is removable for when straps could get in the way. 70-liter or 115-liter sizes. Made in Seattle, U.S.A.
  • Travel Pak – A waist pack that offers protection and easy access for a wide range of daily essentials with multiple carry options. Made in Seattle, U.S.A.

Comfort Essentials

Designed for comfort, these products are useful on all legs of the journey, as well as at the destination.

  • First-Class™ Travel Cushion – A curved rear edge provides relief for the Ischial bones during long seated flights or rides. Lightweight and self-inflating, it packs small. Made in Seattle, U.S.A.
  • Neck Pillow – Memory foam cradles the head to save the neck during seated naps. Soft, plush surface is also washable. Made in China.
  • Lumbar Pillow – A self-inflating lower back pillow that compresses flat for packing and adjusts easily for personalized comfort. Made in Seattle, U.S.A.
  • Compressible Pillow – A plush, microfiber-covered travel pillow that packs down easily and is machine washable. Filled with up-cycled foam that reduces waste from the production process. Made in Seattle, U.S.A.
  • Voyager™ Towel – An extremely absorbent, compact and fast-drying travel towel with antimicrobial treatment to reduce odor-causing bacteria. Available in three sizes. Made in Korea.

Protective Cases

A collection of soft cases protects smaller, more valuable items, keeping them safe from environmental elements including water, dirt and sand.

  • Travel Pouch – A waterproof pouch for passports, cash and bulkier valuables that can be worn around the neck or shoulder. Made in Seattle, U.S.A.
  • E-Case™ – A touchscreen-compatible, waterproof electronic case that offers full protection from the elements. Clear, supple window allows for full use of electronics while in the case, including talking on the mobile phone. Made in Seattle, U.S.A.
  • E- Reader™Case – A touchscreen-compatible, waterproof electronic case for today’s e-readers. Made in Seattle, U.S.A.

The Traveling Light adventure gear collection will debut in Europe at the July 2010 OutDoor Trade Fair and in North America at the August 2010 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. The collection will be available in stores January 2011.

About Traveling Light

The Traveling Light collection of essential gear for the adventurous traveler is manufactured by Seattle-based Cascade Designs, Inc. Inspired by the travel philosophies of the company co-founder and Chief Product Tester, John Burroughs, the products are designed to lighten the load and simplify travel so travelers can move about efficiently and without compromise. The majority of the travel bags, comfort essentials and protective cases are made in the company’s Seattle, U.S.A. manufacturing facility. For more information on Cascade Designs, please visit

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