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CEP WingTech Shirt Improves Posture for More Effective Athletic Training and Enhanced Performance

Whitsett, NC (February 23, 2016)- Maintaining an upright stance during training or in competition not only helps prevent bad posture but also makes it easier to breathe and strengthens the back muscles – the best conditions for peak performance and effective training. The CEP WingTech Shirt activates points on the body that encourage athletes to maintain an upright posture. Together with a unique design, the WingStripes provide the necessary stimulation. CEP received an ISPO Award for this innovative concept. CEP is also taking part in the ISPO Open Innovation project with its WingTech Shirt and plans to incorporate any resulting enhancements into future product updates.


The German-based sports brand, CEP, continues to forge ahead with the aim to support athletes before, during and after exercise with “intelligent” sportswear. The WingTech Shirt’s Smart WingStripes and newly developed design encourage better posture and increase body efficiency. WingTech actively – yet subconsciously – reminds the wearer to stand up straight, which automatically trains and strengthens the back muscles. The ergonomically-correct alignment also makes it easier to breathe and helps prevent bad posture. All of these factors contribute to lasting improvements in body efficiency and enhanced performance for athletes. The WingTech Shirt premiered at ISPO 2016 where it received one of the prestigious ISPO Awards in the Health & Fitness category. The Wingtech Shirt comes in a short sleeve version in classic black and white or Viper Green and will be available in stores beginning May 1, 2016 for $84.99.

CEP relies on feedback from CEPro athletes to constantly drive product development and stay on top of what athletes really need. CEP wants to get broader feedback from the athletic community as well, so it is also taking part in the ISPO Open Innovation project. The application period ends February 24 and will be followed by a one-month trial period. CEP will collaborate with opinion leaders, experts and future consumers to develop suggestions for improvement as part of this crowdsourcing project. Any product enhancements will be incorporated into future versions of the WingTech Shirt.

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CEP is a high-end sports brand that incorporates medical expertise in its innovative, high-quality product concepts that help wearers enhance their athletic performance and stay healthy. What makes CEP such a unique sports brand is its access to state-of-the-art production standards “Made in Germany” thanks to its parent medi, one of the leading companies in the healthcare market, headquartered in Bayreuth. medi works together with acclaimed scientists, sports physicians and athletes to develop special technologies and features that give all products in the CEP collection a unique effect. CEP is famous for its legendary compression legwear optimized for running and now offers a wide range of performance-enhancing products from socks and high-tech functional sportswear to the new Ortho+ product line. Find out more at:

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