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Luxury Sleepwear Brand, Chill Angel®, Introduces First Merino Wool-Based Temperature Balancing Sleepwear™

Technical sleepwear that creates an optimal sleep environment, resulting in the best nights sleep

Steamboat Springs, CO- 11/20/17 

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Steamboat Springs, Colo. – (November 20, 2017) — New technical sleepwear brand, Chill Angel®, launched its first line of temperature balancing sleepwear. The brand is the first to utilize merino wool as a solution for sleep disruptions caused by body temperature swings, a common condition for women.

Made in the USA from 100-percent superfine merino wool, Chill Angel sleepwear is remarkably soothing and gentle on the skin. Flatlock stitching makes for smooth seams, while heat transfer labels eliminate scratchiness. Classic, classy, and soft, Chill Angel sets itself apart by designing each piece with sleep comfort in mind.

Known for its unmatched ability as a performance fabric, merino wool is super-breathable, natural and versatile. Its complex, active fiber structure makes merino wool a temperature-regulating machine, just as comfortable to wear in hot conditions as in the cold. Chill Angel sleepwear rapidly dissipates heat and brings your body back to a neutral zone after a temperature spike. This, coupled with the moisture absorbing properties of merino, eliminates the chill from sweat and efficiently transports moisture away from your body. No matter the conditions, Chill Angel ensures you stay dry, cozy and more deeply asleep throughout the night.

Chill Angel styles have been carefully crafted to make you look and feel great. The classic jammie top features a button front and piped lapel, producing a cozy, elegant look unmatched on the outdoor market. The nighty nightdress, with its loose fit and flowing designs, is equal parts comfortable and refined. Extending luxury into the world of performance fabrics, Chill Angel is perfect for both lounging and sleeping.

As an added bonus, the fabric is 100-percent natural and sustainable. Chill Angel is providing a simple solution to an age-old problem, using the most versatile natural fiber.

Chill Angel® sleepwear is available for at-once delivery to satisfy holiday gifting needs. Pajamas are a classic and popular gift choice for Christmas and winter holidays. For more information about Chill Angel®, visit or contact

About the Founder:

Brand founder Betsy Seabert has held leadership roles in the outdoor apparel industry for over 25 years, including 15 years with high-performance wool brands, Smartwool and Point6. Seabert discovered the curative powers of performance wool after battling body temperature imbalances herself during breast cancer treatment in 2014. She has since changed the lives of countless women who face similar sleep disruption challenges.

About Chill Angel®:

Headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Chill Angel® is the first luxury sleepwear brand to introduce merino wool as a solution for sleep disruptions caused by body temperature fluctuations. As its primary mission, Chill Angel helps women attain a significantly improved night’s sleep by managing temperature spikes, chills and night sweats. Chill Angel is elevating sleepwear to a higher level than the current offering in the market. Inspired by real stories and real people, Chill Angel is revolutionizing the way we sleep and providing support for cancer survivors, environmental stewardship and animal welfare. Please visit to learn more.

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