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Choose Outdoors Presents Best Outdoor Recreation Practices in Denver

Leading up to America's Great Outdoors Listening Session, Choose Outdoors and Colorado Outdoor Recreation Resource Project Champion Innovative Initiatives Dealing with Outdoor Recreation issues.

For Immediate Media Release – Friday, July 09, 2010
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Outdoor Community & Industry Leaders Endorse SCORP – Look to Combat Beetles Destroying Colorado’s Forests

“Great Outdoors” Essential to Colorado/USA Future

Denver, Colorado, Friday, July 9, 2010 – At REI’s Flagship store in Denver an unprecedented number of outdoor community & industry leaders and advocates throughout Colorado met and joined forces endorsing the national Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP), highlighting Colorado efforts responding to President Obama’s concerns about the future of the Great Outdoors. Support for stopping the Pine-Beetle’s unprecedented killing of Colorado/US Forests was highlighted.

The meeting was a direct response to President Obama’s White House Conference on America’s Great Outdoors in May where he challenged Americans to come forward with ideas, recommendations and best practices to better help direct and shape United States outdoor policies. This meeting, held in lieu of the monthly Colorado Outdoor Recreation Resource Project (CORRP), was attended by scores of Colorado’s outdoor recreation industry leaders and focused on those programs, organizations and initiatives addressing SCORP recommendations.

The Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education, the Responsible Recreation Foundation and Leave No Trace focused on efforts educating Coloradans on environment stewardship and respectful use of our public lands. Great Outdoors Colorado outlined how Colorado Lottery funds recreation and conservation efforts; Vail Resorts and the National Forest Foundation Skier Conservation Fund highlighted ongoing efforts to fund grassroots organizations through voluntary donations aassociated with lift tickets and accommodations. the National Ski Areas Association detailed their Sustainable Slopes Environmental Charter as a framework to support greater ski area environmental sustainability; the motorized recreation community detailed their Responsible Recreation Foundation’s efforts to help public agencies to better support growing public outdoor recreation needs.

Additional presentations on Colorado’s commitment to fostering greater environmental stewardship was showcased by Colorado Youth Corps Association’s employing and training youth statewide for a variety of land, water, and energy conservation projects. Captain Zach Taylor, Regional Health Administrator, Department of Health and Human Services spoke on the increasing support for the annual national “Get Outdoors Day” where healthy, active outdoor activities are offered; Denise Escobedo from Safe City Youth Leadership Team spoke about the acclaimed North Face Outdoor Nation and Planet Explore initiatives where US youth commit to bringing their friends and family into outdoor activities making healthy and lasting connection with nature; Seth Winnerman of City Wild addressed initiatives involving more inner city youth in outdoor activities through the SOS Outreach/ City WILD/ Big City Mountaineers curriculum. Sue Anderson, Program Director for Outdoor Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Institute (OSI) described the environmental stewardship training provided to volunteers, land management agencies, and other Colorado and US organizations.

Randy Piper from GreenWay, a Colorado company salvaging and recycling Rocky Mountain beetle-killed Blue Pine wood, addressed the group about the looming catastrophe for Colorado and the western US from millions of acres of trees killed by Pine beetles. Already nearly 4 million acres in Colorado have been killed; almost 18 million acres of pine are dead in the western US, with millions of additional acres under attack. Before a fire of unprecedented size blackens Colorado and the Western US destroying billions of dollars of infrastructure and risking tens of thousands of lives, attendees pledged to work together to increase awareness and develop programs to help stem this growing crisis and protect forest health and sustainability for future outdoor recreation.

The compiled Colorado SCORP recommendations will be presented at next week’s America’s Great Outdoors Listening Session
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