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Chums/Beyond Coastal Invests in Green Energy

Chums/Beyond Coastal purchases Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky renewable energy to offset its environmental impact.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (September 1, 2009) — CHUMS | BEYOND COASTAL, a leading accessory brand since 1983 and natural based sunscreen provider since 2008, recently made a business decision to offset its environmental impact by purchasing Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky renewable energy.

“Utah is home to a lot of outdoor companies and we’re taking great strides to preserve it,” said Jacki White, CHUMS | BEYOND COASTAL office manager.

“To us, buying Blue Sky is a reasonably priced means of doing something really positive,” said White. “We do quite a bit in terms of educating our employees about how we want to further our green culture, and Blue Sky is part of that effort.”

Blue Sky provides Rocky Mountain Power customers an easy way to support wind-powered generation and other renewable energy facilities in the region. When a customer enrolls in Blue Sky, the company purchases Green-e Energy-certified renewable energy certificates on behalf of the consumer from wind energy facilities in the region. Blue Sky funds also help support the development of smaller projects in local communities that can include wind, solar, geothermal, low-emission biomass or other certified renewable energy sources. About 30,900 Rocky Mountain Power customers in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho currently buy Blue Sky renewable energy.

“Over 12 months, buying 25 blocks of Blue Sky per month avoids 18 tons of carbon dioxide, which has the environmental benefit of planting 1,574 trees or not driving a car 37,000 miles,” said Dave Spalding, customer and community manager for Rocky Mountain Power.

Perhaps best known for its Original Cotton eyewear retainer, the company since has added more products to its line of outdoor gear, including lanyards, floating eyewear retainers, eyeglass cases and winter sports accessories. It also launched a natural sunscreen line, Beyond Coastal.

About Chums | Beyond Coastal

Founded in 1983 in Hurricane, Utah, Chums has been the leader in accessories in the outdoor for over 25 years. In Jan. 2007, Chums purchased Chisco, creating a stronger market position through the joining of the two leading accessory brands. The two brands are now known as Chums. In 2008, Chums purchased Beyond Coastal sun care products. Beyond Coastal now offers a complete line of sun protection and sun care formulations created for the active outdoor lifestyle.