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CLEAN ENERGY PATCH™ Launches SKIN-BASED Natural Energy For Athletes


(San Diego, CA—January 22, 2015)—Athletes now have a better, cleaner way to get their energy. XEP, Inc., introduces an innovative skin patch designed to provide the positive benefits of natural caffeine during sport. Clean Energy Patch™ takes advantage of the skin’s absorptive properties to give a base-level boost in energy and mental focus. The homeopathic ingredients in Clean Energy Patch™ create a balanced “hum” that many find preferable to the “spike” or “buzz” delivered by energy drinks and energy shots.

XEP’s topical scientists developed the patent-pending formula to provide a solution for athletes who have difficulty ingesting caffeine during intense workouts, due to cramps, jitters and nausea. Clean Energy Patch™ is also a valuable tool for endurance enthusiasts seeking to maintain independent sources of energy, hydration, and nutrition for optimal control and performance. The patch pairs well with next-to-skin gear such as compression shorts or yoga apparel. To use, one simply applies the adhesive patch just like kinesiology tape and wears it for up to eight hours. Removal of the patch gives immediate control over the process.

Over the last decade, the energy beverage market has exploded, accounting for over $10B in the United States in 2014. Now there’s an alternative: Clean Energy Patch™ bypasses the sensitive digestive system, so athletes can get a flow of extra energy while avoiding unwanted side effects. The product contains zero calories and zero sugar, deriving its natural effect from plant-based xanthine sources of caffeine, guarana and cacao.

At a low-profile 2.25” x 3.5”, the sleek, colorful, easy-to-use patch features a kinesiology tape backing for comfort and is sweat-resistant when one is engaged in physical activity. Clean Energy Patch™ is manufactured in the United States with the highest grade ingredients and materials, and is designed to stick almost anywhere on the body to suit individual preference.

Clean Energy Patch™ has teamed with SMACK! Media to plan and implement public relations and social media campaigns to encourage athletes, weekend warriors, and anyone in need of a boost of natural energy to try a cleaner alternative. 

Sold individually or in multi-packs, Clean Energy Patch™ retails for $2.99 per unit, and is available for purchase at and at select retailers.

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