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Climbing Holds Benefit Ovarian Cancer Research introduces a climbing hold collection and a hang board that benefit the HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation.

Teal is the official color of ovarian cancer and now climbing gyms and home gym owners around the globe can add a splash of color to their walls while helping to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and generate funds for research. introduces a climbing hold collection and a hang board that benefit the HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation. Five percent of sales from both items will go to HERA, a non-profit that supports ovarian cancer research and raising awareness of the disease. Both products are available at and

“We’re creating a well-designed, quality set of training tools that will be an asset to every gym and home climbing gym,” says JT Clark, CEO of, noting that the company’s goal is to sell 1,000 of each product. “Climbers will have the benefit of getting stronger while helping to support an important women’s health issue that effects both women and men.”

Clark lost his mother to ovarian cancer and he became interested in developing a way to support the foundation after he and his wife volunteered for the Climb4Life in Salt Lake City, Utah. After earning his M.B.A. from Wharton Business School, Clark purchased and immediately put the gears in motion to create a product line to benefit ovarian cancer research.

The HERA Climbing Hold Collection
Designed by renowned hold shapers Kai Peterson and Ben Montgomery, the HERA climbing hold collection includes a large teal ribbon handhold and two smaller teal ribbon footholds that feature the HERA Climb4Life logo. The ribbon holds can be purchased as a trio-package for $15 or as a part of a collection that feature four additional sandstone handholds. The collection retails for $36.00.

The HERA Hangboard
Professional climber Jason Kehl designed the new HERA hang board, a must-have training tool for every climber moderately priced at $47.50. Kehl, who rose to international fame for his feats in bouldering, is known of his expertise in the design of hang boards and climbing holds.

About HERA

The HERA Foundation is a registered 501 (c) 3, whose mission is to stop the loss of mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, partners and girlfriends from ovarian cancer by empowering women to take control of their health, empowering the medical community to find new directions in ovarian cancer research and empowering communities to provide support. For more information visit To schedule an interview with HERA Foundation founder Sean Patrick please call 970.948.7360.